Review of Plan B3.0


By Lester Brown

Review by G. Haven d’Amaury III: 20th October 2011


If we assume that in 2030 there are three cars for every four people in China, as there are in the US now. [ Americans produce up-to 30 tons/person/year of CO2 pollution. ~40% via use of cars.] China will have 1.1 billion cars.  The World currently has 860 million cars. To provide the needed roads, highways, and parking lots, China will have to pave an area comparable to what it now plants in rice.

By 2030 China would need 98 million [m] barrels of oil a day. The World is currently producing 85m barrels a day and may never product much more than that.  There goes the World’s oil reserves.

What China is teaching us is that the western economic model—the fossil-fuel
[FF]-based, automobile-centered, throwaway economy—is not going to work for China. If it does not work for China it will not work for India, which by 2030 may have an even larger population than China.  Nor will it work for the other 3 billion [b] people in developing countries who are also dreaming the “American Dream”. And, in an increasingly integrated global economy, where we all depend on the same oil, grain and steel, the western economic model will no longer work for the industrial countries either.

The overriding challenge for our generation is to build a new economy – one that is largely powered by renewable sources of energy, that has a much more diversified transport system, and that uses and recycles everything. We have the technology that will allow us to sustain economic progress.  Can we do it fast enough to avoid breakdown of social systems?"

Elsewhere, Plan B 3.0 quotes specific advice; “keep the amount of CO
2 in the atmosphere below 400 ppm.  If nothing is done over 500 ppm is expected by 2050."

This (Original) reviewer, GE, the Owner of RDL, found this book very difficult (initially).  He knew, everything about it is obvious, largely accepted by over 99% of the scientists who have every written a paper about global warming. What is the point of writing, or publishing, a book like this?  Unfortunately, the answer becomes just as obviousAlmost no politicians, or voters who elect them, even know these facts, or act, or vote, accordingly. There is even a newly established political pressure group which is trying to get voters to write letters to reporters to ask them to starting asking candidates to state their positions on global warming. Here is the result:

What the pressure group is asking for, in a somewhat recondite way, is, more directly, just click on: and sign your name. Obviously, this is absolutely necessary before the November election. Equally obviously, the aim of Plan B3.0 is the same, to get more people aware of the problem, and maybe they will get something done about it.  Again, the aim of GE's company, RDL, is the same but much more direct.  The pages of this website describes
the solution in detail: How many people have to do what, when and how, and within what milestones, essentially within the next 18 years. Still obvious, until Lester Brown's objective, to get people to take action, is met, RDL's goals will not even be started to be realized.

Addendum By GSAD: 20th October 2011:

Lester Brown's Plan B3.0, had little or no effect. WorldWide politicians are under the control of SMRFs, 90+% concerned with defending against other SMRFs. They have no knowledge of, or interest in, Global Warming, or WorldWide Gross  National Product [WGNP], while their family electors FF lifestyles are costing WGNP nearly $0.5m/family/year. With USA GNP of 14 trillion [t] and people (homo sapien sapien [hss]) of 312m, their GNP/hss is  $44,872/year/hss. Each hss cost to WGNP is $90,000/year, ie $28.08t/year, almost exactly double their USA GNP.  .   

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