Major Projects 25 (Click on these titles for pages with more detail.)

Project 14 -- Expansion of design and installation of rooms, in Utopia, SkyUtopia, SuperSkyUtopia, UltraSkyUtopia, GaviHas,  Mini-Utopia-Villages, or elsewhere, equipped for families to use them for: a) Children learning to love to read,  love to learn to read. b) Family members earning family income. rights, and advantages while being employed to  work in that room, without commuting to work, shop, or travel on business, or working within walking (or pedal operated wheels) distance, using if necessary, or useful,  hand held communication devices. And, c) Equipped similarly to allow and improve Research and Development, learning, teaching and entertainment at home.

Project 15 -- Design, equipping and installing  glass fiber communications facilities to speed up and lower cost of  communications to and from homes equipped with Projects 13, 14, 15... 18, 19, 20 and 21.

Project 16: Design, develop and build three versions of glasses and earphones and support, to be worn by individuals, especially those with or without disabilities, and adapted to manage quick reorientation of attention:

  • Version I, for Project 13, ie in a room equipped by Project 13, adds 4D vision to any display and surround sound (synchronized with the music and speech displayed)

  • Version II, the same as Version I, for use in or near any (selected) Project 13-equipped- room with access to any number of (selectable) rooms.  and
  • Version III in or near any (selected) Project 13 equipped room or completely independent of Project 13, and with, in any event: advanced reality,  combining user's (selected by user, from among the selectable) view(s) with user's viewable  real environment.

Project 17: RDL Major Project 17, 4D Vision, Surround Sound & Augmented Reality 

Summary of Upgrade to RDL Major Project 17: This project may wait for Major Project 12 through 16 to  be available in advance, or simply include all of them as part of this, and the following additions and upgrades:

  • All before this shall begin with (Experimental) RDL Major  Project 17, which includes design, patenting and perfecting of wireless equipment to equip people (homo sapiens sapiens [hss]) and some other mammals to:
  •  act, dance, compose for and play musical instruments (also specially designed by RDL)
  • dictate and/or recite
  • dialogues in specific languages, dialects and children's, teenage and adult men and women's voices, animal sounds independently (for practice and perfection):

All of which can be recorded, remixed and/or transmitted locally or via the Internet and then used to intercommunicate and/or used to modify remixed and recombined for entertainment, learning or teaching or collaborating among consenting people participating in real, enacted or re-enacted (including but not limited to):

  • ·         work
  • ·         activities
  • ·         plays
  • ·         concerts
  • ·         operas
  • ·         dances,
  • ·         church meetings
  • ·         vacation expeditions
  • ·         shopping expeditions and/or
  • ·         training for or
  • ·         actual combat (for a few, including, but not limited to, zero, against many).

Project 18 -- Develop and include choices of art, music and living, learning and entertainment environments: Based on, famous Worldwide artists and musicians choices of colors, sound and rhythms, to live with and enjoy in all rooms in homes (or other rooms) connected with RDL's Project 1, GaviHas and other RDL projects for homes or rooms.

Project 19 -- Design, develop and build robots designed to live, work and function to support humans, in homes.

Project 20 -- Design and install intercommunication facilities between locations on Earth and between planets, at very, very close to instantaneous speeds, that is at many thousands of times faster than the velocity of light (196,000mps, or 300,000kps, believed by Albert Einstein to be the absolute Universal speed limit). Eg if we want to send a message to a possible, but unlikely, destination for an extra solar colony on GJ 1214b, ~40 light years away, it would take ~34 hours (at the current record speed of 10,000 times the speed of light (196,000mps, ie 1,960,000,000mps), not ~40 years.

Project 21 -- Design, develop and build robots to function off-Earth, under remote control, using Project 20 .

Project 22: Design, develop and build Version IV glasses and associated equipment to provide Version IV Users with intercommunications with other users of Project 13, 16, 17 and 22 and other objects to buy, sell, enjoy, teach, learn, inform and converse with other GSDS rooms and other user's current real environments, and collaborate in conversations, decisions etc etc, including but not limited to using, controlling, aiming, execution and/or firing of equipment under User's and/or collaborating users' operation(s) and/or control(s). 

Project 23: Super Augmentation [RDLSA]

The overall plan of Super Augmentation is to incorporate Augmented Reality  with  Augmented Control, thus with the desirable and necessary aspects of Real Div Lifestyle Projects: all organized, formed, developed, built, integrated and operated as Project 23, initially intended to be used primarily on the Earth.

Project 24 Quantum Entanglement

Project 25: Earth I and Earth II

This project is for G. Haven d'Amaury III [GHA]: To write the future history of:

the Biographies of 
a logically, physically and experimentally consistent and readable description of the past and future fate(s) of them and Earth I and ExoEarth(n)s, such as set in (Exo)Earth II in 3011ad. up-to 3111ad.