Sic transit Gloria Monday:
 11th Sept 2013ad

(Not exactly: "Gloria got sick the  on bus on Monday!)

Instead: GSAD just had a brainstorm on Monday. A day or two before, GSAD was working on launching a Utopia [U] in Darien Province [XUD], the size of Masdar (the World's first actual U) which occupied six square miles. This, in addition to planned Ciudad de Shirltiti, in Panama Bay, possibly part of a new Experimental State, the HQ of United World Foundation in what was the Panama Canal Zone. 

So, XUD is an experimental prototype for similar Us
in the rest of the world.

The US West Coast is a target for several Us. in CA, OR or WA, away from tsunami land, would be spots for Us. Maybe three) Us, more or less semi-simultaneously.

Of course, for Us, the finance would be about £7.5billion[b]/10, ie less than £800million[m] (~US$1.2b) mostly offered by Abu Dhabi.

GSAD will also propose that the 6,250 homo sapiens sapiens [hss (Ideal Customers [iCu]) live free of taxes (like the Panama Canal Zone), but limit iC's CO2 emissions to =< 1 ton/year/iCu. This saves WorldWide GNP $3[k]/ton of emissions, ie 6240*$3k*20 tons+ = $375m/yr/Utopia + about 64% ($240m) more for 4k more hss in Project 10 and Mini-Utopia-Villages on associated land, near the Us.

Go for three: with  Protected Areas [PA], ie 30.75k tax-free residents, producing Worldwide GNP [WGNP] savings of (375m+240m)*3) =$1.845b/yr, AND in two or three years, experimental prototyping for 80m iCus and 80m*$3k*20tons = $4.5trillion [t]/year potential WGNP savings .

BTW: W/O improvements on costs of U: £7.5b/U divided by 50k iCus = $240k/iCu (initial investment). With each iCu (equivalent to) repaying $3k* 20tons/yr = $60k/yr: it takes $240k/60k=4 years to pay back the initial investment. Thereafter, each iCu adds $60k to the WGDP for the WorldWide 7b hss (minus the 80m iCus) ie for the benefit* of the 6.92b hss not living in Utopia. and are not making extremely high contributions to CO2 pollution leading to WorldWide, five-to-ten degrees of Global Warming.

*Based on 50 year lifespan/iCu (including the rest of their lives of moving-in, iCus, and their descendants) the total WorldWide benefit is 80m*~50years*$60k= ~$240t. Divide this by 7b hss =$34k/hss of the entire World: W/O a penny of tax on any iCu-hss during the rest of their entire lives.

BTW: The point is: In 2014 get ~80m started on saving most of the 20 up-to 30 tons of CO2 they are each emitting: to save the 7b hss, this is the first (6.25k +4k)*3= 30.75k which is 0.38% of the 80m total.