Milky Way Life Destination eX0planets [MWLDX]

Revision by GE: 11th Apr 2016

Revise & Reschedule GOD of Much More Intelligent Life Forms [M2ILF] on Earth I.

RDL, planned by GE, plans to maximize the odds on enough fellow M2ILF (on Earth I) "getting the hell out of Dodge" [GOD] & inspired to settle on & colonize enough of the 1000 MWLDX: before all intelligent-life-forms [ILF] become totally extinct homo sapien sapiens [hss] on Earth I.  

To be reasonably sure that enough ILFs are born, survive, repro-duce, improve intelligence & colonize enough MWLDX to save some ILF in the Universe(s) before the End of Aleph: GE plans to organize & prepare (at least) 100 ILF alive today (2013ad) to parent 100 million [m] hss descendants prepared & promoted to HSS during 2038 to 2138ad to GOD. RDL's target is a total of 50m  Space Migrants [SM]  (& Space Emigrants) as colonizers of MWDLX, in the Milky Way Galaxy (initially).

The number of 250m HSS (is made up 50m, originally hss & 200m of originally experimental robots [XR] promoted to equalificated HSS).