Earth Migration [EM] & Space Migration [SM]
GE first planned for intra-EM & preparation for SM by humans (homo sapien sapiens [hss], Experimental (humanized) Robots [HR] & other forms of intelligent life designed & altered to survive & collaborate with humans [HSS] on Earth I & exoplanets; such as approximately 1,000 settled & colonized Ex0Earths (I-M) over the next 250-1,250 solar years. 

EM & SM plans shall be upgraded, ASAP, to adapt to developments in intelligence technology [IT], DNA engineering [eDNA] & (brain-brain) instantaneous  inter-communications [B2I2C] among equalificated life forms. In addition, the advantages of (non-exclusive enjoyment of living in preferred climates {& weather conditions} in seasonable worlds) requires standard & understandable laws, regulations & customs among choices of where to spend time for business & family life. 

GE, the initial President [PUW] of UW [APUW] shall establish the requisite provisions, in the:
  • Constitution of UW [CUW] *, regulatingThe possibility of Intra-EM is primarily based on developments of Projects 34 & for large scale, inexpensive & (non-road & airport routes & terminals & non-Fossil Fuel [FF] aircraft {Gavin Hawks}); for massive passenger migration transportation [MPMT] among United World [UW] States [SUW] & Utopia
  • Constitutions of SUW also regulating
  • Organization & regulations of Utopia.
* Subject to constitional amendments by majority of 66.6667% of voting citizens of UW [CiUW]

Officers of UW [OUW] (
appointed, by PUW, &/or elected by CiUW) are also authorized to negotiate international treaties (subject to approval of PUW & majority of Senior Senators) to determine the limitation of Other Nation on Earth [ONE] subjecting CiUW &/or OiUW to ONE laws (&/or taxation), including but not limited to [ibnlt] multiple citizenship, as CiUW &/or citizen of one or more ONE.  Such treaties may interrelate entire nations, &/or specific states &/or Utopia &/or cites to encourage migration or classification of residence.  And, especially, Ideas Customers [iCu] are recruited (by RDL) to become family residents of Utopia, Mini-Utopian-Villages & Major Project 10 farms agreeing to reduce their Global Warming from CO2 pollution by 90%  (migrating seasonally, if & as necessarily, among (internationally agreed) Tax Protected Zones[TPZ]). Planning treaties for Earth I based migration will also regard Space Migration requiring experimental research & development of Earth-based life forms to settle & colonize exoplanets, exomoons, & modified asteroid)-based Outer Space Utopian Cities [OSUC].

Please note (Suggested by Shirltiti): Study astronomy, weather & climatic forecasting,
seasonal migration & behavior of  flocks of birds, to survive on Earth (because of its pre-existing ability to fly over/beyond barriers & survive local ibnlt seasonal disasters): As a primitive prototype of interstellar migration from Earth I if/&/as necessary to avoid total hss extinction