Letter to my Doctor: 10th December 2012


My email address is gavin3050@gmail.com. I will send you an updated version of this  letter to your email, whenever you request it, on your email to my email address.

Any and all information about me is on: GSAD.

Over the past 85 years I sometimes fainted, came close, or my knees crumpled. On my frequent long travel, in airplanes or in a car it never happens. Sitting in a chair at home, in doctor's office or standing up on a driveway: It did but happened very infrequently.

My personal diagnosis is that bad drugs prescribed by a doctor. Now I know why and avoid untrustworthy drugs, especially w/o perscription. Lastly, I haven’t eaten enough for a couple of days (low blood sugar??) trying to reduce weight. To be sure, I need a SECOND OPINION.

I carry a cane (or two), to prevent a serious fall, discourage attacking dogs etc. I lost a wife from her (repeated) falling & final breaking her neck, plus extremely slow response, neglects & mistakes from (British) doctors. My former wife had early death from very late (CA) diagnosis.

Two ways to protect myself:

  • Avoid long walks, getting near to places I need to go to, for sufficient food, money & immediate medical care. Parking permission is important, perhaps vital*.
  • Correct diagnoses, well in advance of any likely disaster. I need to be constantly aware of who, where & how to get a SECOND OPINION, in addition to MINE... ASAP.
BTW: I attempted to help doctors with my medical records (on my wristwatch), originally based on NHS records. Blocked by lack of interest, do YOU have any?

* Vital, for me & Connections, helping many more people getting local help to get local diagnoses & local care to survive long enough to help leaving Dodge City