Long Term Prediction [LTP]
(By G'aven d'Amaury III)
LTP refers to HSS on Earth I & Space Migrants [SM] & Space Immigrants [SI] on "course of passage" [COP] & settling on Ex0Earths (n) over the next 500 to 2,000 solar years. (NB: The exact number of COP solar years depends on Win, Lose or Draw [WLD].. Much less risky & uncertain is that at least some HSS & their descendants will successfully migrate, along with there supporting Experimental Robots [XR], also classified as HSS). 

GE predicts that the first launch of OSUC Shirltiti
HSS will be between 200 and 500 years after the present time (2013ad), &/if a planet near Proxima Centauri is chosen to settle on as Shirltiti-Aten on Ex0Earth I, their likely arrival is approximately 8.5 solar years (on COP) later, about 2220ad... or later.

The original hss being re-classified as
HSS, depends on hss on Earth I now (or in the next few years) determining to become the "ancestors" of HSS (including but not limited to [ibnlt] XR (also HSS), in a slightly different sense of "ancestors") & (ibnlt GE). The HSS sailing on the first OSUC two hundred years from now, based on 30 yeas/generation, shall be children, say the fifth or sixth generation of the current generation. This generation of genes will be present in that HSS generation = .5 to the sixth power= 0.0078125 of the current hss, provided there is no incest.

GE advocates avoiding all possibility of incest, known to have been fatal to descendant's survival. However, preservation of GOOD ideas about survival of
HSS in the form of Now Present Personal Computing [NP2C], is the best way of preventing extinction.