How to Live With Art

Shirley vE.-Embry,  (Now late Author, Editor, Secretary and Executive Director of RDL) collected object d'art since the '60s: including Souza, Picasso, du Fau, Gantner, Tain, Miro and Matisse.  Other object d'art  are offered for sale by:

  • G&S d'Amaury Direct [GSAD] 

And the  proceeds, may also be invested in, by equivalent shares reward buyers to share profits of and/or buy discounted products offered for sale by  our new firm(s) (being formed* by RDL, as Replacement Corporations [RC]) called:

  • G&S d'Amaury Authorship [GSAA], or GSAA Inc.
  • d'Amaury Finance [AF], or AF Inc.(connected with buying properties valued =< $5 million [m])
  • d'Amaury Property [AP] or AP Inc.(connected with selling properties valued =< $5 million 
  • G&S d'Amaury Direct [GSAD] or GSAD Inc, and/or
  • RDL, to launch Project 1 to construct
  1. Utopium Alpha, 
  2. associated Mini-Utopium-Villages and/or
  3.  Project 1o Farms.

This is prices and rewards for the objects d'art, including the initial percentages below of the purchased preferred interest [PPI] stock in RDL Projects launched and managed by RDL as  Managing Joint Venture Partnerships [MJVP]:

Item for Sale         Description                 Price                     Free  Share                                                                                                                       Reward**

Picasso                  (_____________)     £2,000                  2 preferred shares  0.2% of total

Du Fau                    Chicken                         £5,000                  5 preferredshares 0.5% of total

Du Fau                    Horse                             £4,000                  4 preferred shares  0.4% of total

Gantner                  Swiss Landscape       £25,000                25 preferred shares 2.5% of total

Michael Tain         Sunset                          £12,000                 12 preferred shares 1.2% of total

Miro                         (_____________)   £2,000                   2 preferred shares 0.2% of total 

Matisse                   (_____________)    £2,000                   2 preferred shares   0.2% of total

All the above referred to as Purchased Preferred Item [PPI].

*Each PPI  is combined with its corresponding number of PPI connected shares [PICS], which PICS can be surrendered by its current owner(s) as partial or complete payment for any combination of the original  offered product(s)  [OOP] for sale (such as a new house{s}) in:

  • Utopia,
  • associated Mini-Utopia,-Village
  • RDL Major Projects,  OR for
  • other Objects d'art in the list above.
  • books, including but not limited to hard cover, soft cover, eBooks, and audio books, including but not limited to books published by Exeperimental Children's Power  or as shares in
  • RDL (Real Div Lifestyles)
  • GSAD (G&S d'Amaury Direct)
  • GSAA (G&S d'Amaury Authorship
  • AP (d'Amaury Property, connected with selling properties valued =< $5 million [m])
  • AF (d'Amaury Finance, connected with buying properties valued =< $5 million [m])
(Paid for by PIC's price published above, or added to or revised by GSAD before formation of its RF, unless reinforced by said RF) at ~80% of  the published OOP, provided by the selling RC, at the time of OOPs' purchase. 

If not surrendered, PICS, including PPIs can be included in sales, gifts or  wills with their PICS with PPIs owner's rights transferred with them.  Or, if and when profits are declared by RCs, the owner(s) of  PICS(s) shall receive the the total of above mentioned percentage(s) of the owners PPI still retained by the owner, of the RC's declared profit(s), from the RC selected solely by the current PICS's Owner, with respect to each PICS still owned by him/her.

said percentages (shown in green in the table above) shall never changed with respect to the total percentages of PPIs issued, subsequent to issues of additional shares, repurchase of share(s) by any RC,  or for any other reason.

RDL's planned sales price of Utopium Alpha homes shall  be 120% of their actual cost.  For Alpha houses, the initial planned prices are £100,000, Betas £120,000 and Gammas £150,000.  However, RDL's published selling prices of products sold by RDL to owners of PPIs shall be reduced by 20%, so that the PI owner's prices shall be approximately the same as RDL's planned/actual costs, effectively at no profit by the participating RC.

A similar arrangement shall be made by GSAD with all RCs, so that all owners of PPIs will have the same options to enjoy profit sharing and price discounts with all RCs, including choosing:

  • to keep PICS to continue to choose among which mixture of RCs  to share fixed percentages of profits from, and/or
  • buy products from at discounted prices
  • until selling, giving or willing away one or more PPIs to others.

If GSAD can sell one of your art works, they will offer the same kind of reward above to the your buyers, to induce them to buy it.  We will also give you back 50% of the selling price and the same kind of reward to you also.

Others, who find  buyers, and/or arrange sales shall get fair compensations including similar Free Share Rewards.

Sic parvis Magma

*Firms formed by RDL to replace RDL, GP, AF, AP, GSAD, GSAA or GSAD shall each be formed with a potential, initial, capitalization of approximately £100,000 each, with 1,000 shares each, with each share initially having a face value of £100/each, with each share representing 0.1% of said corporation's initial capitalization.

The buyer (or the subsequent owner) 0f any and/or all of PPIs can (solely) elect whether to surrender (ie barter, tax free) their Shirl's object(s) d'art, and/or other product(s) and their associated share(s):

  • in exchange for partial or complete payment toward a product(s) for sale by RDL's  new corporation' products, replacing all or part of the PPI(s) or
  • Sell, give, or will an PPI and its associated share(s) to anyone else or
  • keep the PPI  and its associated share(s) to claim a share of the profits of RDL's replacement corporation equivalent to the profit earned by that number of shares in said corporation OR
  • choose the same options with respect to GSAD's replacement corporation, instead
  • choose the same options with respect to GSAA's replacement corporation instead of any of the above.
  • choose the same options with respect to AF's replacement corporation instead of any of the above.
  • choose the same options with respect to AP's replacement corporation instead of any of the above.
  • choose the same options with respect to GP's replacement corporation instead of any of the above.