Joint Venture Partners [JVP]

  • Types of JVPs:
  1. Managing JVP [MJVP], managing a Major Project [MJV] or a defined set of subordinate subprojects [SJV]
  2. Orgainzing JVP [OJVP]. organizing a group of JVPs to collaborate in connection with an MJVor SJV
  3. JVP-Consultant [JVP-C]. consulting in support of a JVP. MJV or SJV
  4. Investing JVP [IJVP], investing in, by buying share in a JVP or loaning funds to  an MJV or SJV
  5. Key JVP [KJVP], a key responsibility for accomplishing one or more MJVs, SJVs. and
  6. Joint Venture Broker [JVB], finding and recruiting one or a group of JVPs

  • Typical roles of Real Div Livetyles [RDL] operate as a JVP:
  1. RDL is regularly and specifically an OJVP, organizing new or existing firms in target countries into JVs with other firms operating in the target country (eg, beginning with the UK), collaborating on JVPs with the primary purposes of one or more of the following: a) reducing CO2 emissions, b) improving safety against deaths or injuries in connection with road travel, or c) defense against terrorists, criminals and warmongers. As an OJVP, RDL shall receive a negotiated share of the profit resulting from an MJV or SJV.  The profits shall be determined either: a) at the outset, b) after the expected earnings of the JV activities have been agreed or c) measured only over a period of time until a previously agreed term has concluded.
  2.  In most cases, RDL, or the company organized in the target country, continues as the Managing Joint Venture Partner, [MJVP] of the MJV operating in the target country.  MJVP’s compensation, for operating as MJVP, is its planned and agreed actual costs, plus a fee of 7.5% of the actual, overall profits of the MJV year by year during the life of the MJV.
  3.  Alternatively, RDL and/or other JVPs may function as Joint Venture Partner-Consultant [JVP-C], responsible for support of the MJVP of an MJV.  JVP-C’s compensation, for operating as JVP-C, is its planned and agreed actual costs plus a fee of 2.5% of the actual, overall profits of the JVPs, year by year, during the life of the MJV.
  4. Or, RDL may participate in a JV, organized by RDL or someone else, as an investor in the JV, called IJVP.  The compensation of RDL operating as an IJVP or any IJVP organized by RDL will be a percentage of the actual, overall profits of the JV, year by year, during the life of the MJV Project, less the fees of the MJVP or JVP-C, or both.  The percentage shall be equal to the IJVP’s investment divided by the total of all IJVPs' investments.
  5.  RDL may function in any combination of the roles defined above, compensated for any actual costs and fees earned, whether the MJV was organized by RDL or anyone else.
  • The first prospective JVP Candidates, of various types, of all Projects in the UK, preliminary screens are by Real Div Lifestyles [RDL]as an OJVP, MJVP, or JVP-C, for all aspects of projects in the UK: Unless a better qualified JVP  can complete-the-project-sooner can be found)
  • Firms and/or individuals selected by RDL: a) OJVPs for selected Projects and as b) MJVPs of groups selected to publicise the activities of JVPs, writers and editors of books, magazines, TV programs, websites, and other means of publication and distribution, including advertising: such as:
  1. Foster+Partners, JVP, JVP-C – for all aspects of all architecture projects in the UK and other Utopia, in other countries:
  2. ARUP, JVP, JVP-C -- for all aspects of all Utopia architectural projects in China:
  3. Carter Aviation Technologies, JVP, JVP-C – all aspects of all new designs of all (32m) autogyros in designated countries:
  4. Northrup Grumman -- design and production of Mother Hawks, similar to Global Hawks
  5. UFO HeliThruster – JVP, JVP-C -- manufacturing of some autogyros in New Zealand:
  6. General Motors -- mass production of Gavin Hawks, GaviHas and related Carriages for sale in the United States
  7. Citroen -- mass production of Gavin Hawks, GaviHas and related Carriages, for sale in the European Union
  8. Honda -- mass production of Gavin Hawks, GaviHas and related Carriages, for sale in Asia
  9. EuroStar, JVP, JVP-C – all Zero-CO2 train operations in designated countries of Western
  10. Royal Dutch/Group, JVP, JVP-C – all generation of energy regarding non-fossil-fuel energy used in Western Europe, but excluding the UK.
  11. General Dynamics, JVP, JVP-C -- all systems involving Zero-CO2 emissions the North, Central and South America or in the UK,
  12. Weberhaus, JVP, JVP-C, construction of Zero-CO2 Utopian houses  in factories,