International Thievery


Evolution of War

  • Conmunism originally based on collaboration among SMRFR, A+/-M & C+/-M, modified during WW I, by uneducated  communists (workers).
  • "Twist a": Use C+M's trained & educated "Commissars" to use "governmental" power to defeat opposing "SMRFR"s, A-Ms, C-Ms, + steal their property, money, power & status.
  • During WW II, USSR  & Chinese Communists employed the same systems to win against Germany, Italy & Japan, then 
  • "Twist b": Initiate "Cold War" against UK, USA, France & their allies
  • The first "Cold War" modified using of C+M spys to obtain atomic weapon technology (improved by USA as nuclear weapons to defeat communism, & 
  • "Twist c": Re-modified (by USA) to "outlaw" nuclear war & avoid MAD)
  •  Leaving only  non-nuclear proxy & economic wars: The USSR lost the:
  1. economic Cold War,
  2. domination of most Socialist Republics, including but not limited to [ibnlt] (except the partly reorganized, somewhat non-communistic) Russia, &
W/China, stalemated in the proxy Korean War, but
  1. won proxy Viet-Nam War.
  • Russia's, China's, Iran's & Syria's C+Ms still use Internet (also developed by USA, but not defended, managed nor (effectively) used for defense... or war):  ibnlt "spam". 
  • "Twist d": Mainly by anti-USA (& their proxies), C-Ms use spam (& other Internet communication methods) to steal financial funds, money & property to enjoy, finance & damage enemies' (especially, anti-socialist) economies in (undeclared, perhaps even unsuspected) economic wars; Ibnlt disabling by overloading commercial use of Internet: 
  • Thus preoccupy & distract their leaderships & limit taxing of: Capitalistic citizens, to support even non-nuclear defense(s).