Intelligence Quotient [IQ] 

(By: G'aven d'Amaury III)

This is basically about GE founding & forming organized collaborations among homo sapien sapiens [hss] (including but not limited to [ibnlt]) experimental extended Intelligence [X2I]: Which can, & shall, work together, on related common goals, over the next 250-1250 solar years, initially on Earth I. 

Sequence of events:


    1. ibnlt Project 1a & Experimental Robots
    2. ibnlt Selection of satisfactory hss 
    3. w/requisite IQs & commitments to collaborative goals, ibnlt
    4. enough control of United World Foundation [UWF]
    5. United World [UW]
    6. Constitution of UW [CUW] & 
    7. States of United World [SUW] ibnlt
    8. sufficient hss (50k every year at & each following 2262ad
    9. surviving, as the result of lowering Global Warming, &
    10. protection from conumism.
II: By approximately 2263ad, raising & distributing high enough IQ, among hss & equalificated Experimental Robots [HR], to start launching 1k Outer Space Utopian Cities [OSUC] (shipping 200k HSS each, each year), planned to "Leave Dodge City" to colonize 1k Ex0Earth [n]s [I-to-M],

III: One OSUC/yr for (at least) each next k years. exporting (200k * 1k = 200m) HSS, ie 50m former hss to settle (as HSS), live & reproduce in the Milky Way Galaxy. 

IV: Trillions(+) of trillions(+) of High IQ HSS shall survive & live in the galaxies:

V: Before the End of ALEPH.