Human Insanity  [HI]

(By: G'aven d'Amaury III)

I propose a new meaning of the word "Insanity", not such as an easily defined meaning (by Albert Einstein). But to determine if GE is insane, if he decides that he cannot accomplish his (extremely important to us) goal PRIMARILY caused, mainly from some combination of the following, by:

  • con games cleverly founded & designed to steal money 
  • stupid local legal laws, 
  • grossly stupid policy &/or practice grossly & stupidly accepted by majority of (technically sane) voting people
  • one or more homo sapien sapiens classifiable as  insane OR 
  • not classifiable as insane animals &/or germs or viruses & unlikely to be possible to protect GE from them.
  • And does not choose to abandon hope, except hope to "leave Dodge City".
This agrees faithfully with Einstein's definition. 

GE, before he dies, he will still (insanely) try to launch, as much as possible, of all of GE's & Shirltiti's