Human Classified not Ignorant  [H-I]

(By: G'aven d'Amaury III)

Ignorance of homo sapien sapiens [hss], can only have been classified by a President of United World [PUW] (such as GE [APUW], or an United World Officer [OUW]) once you have reached 13.5 years of age, been accepted as a Citizen of United World [CiUW]& have applied to be recognized as "Not Ignorant" [H-I].

There is another requirement, to be classified as H-I, rather than not classified as H-I: After having furnished proof of date of birth, grades & courses passed (in any language).

You shall be notified receipt of your application, followed within six calendar months of notifying you of reaching:

  • CiUW citizenship  
  • voting rights & if you have been classified as H-I, 
  • or not H-I.
If not H-I you may apply, with additional justification w/grades & courses passed &/or experiences, to be classified as H-I.

Once you have been classified as H-I, you will be invited to apply for consideration as candidate for promotion to HSS &/or including but not limited to [ibnlt] a parent of hss candidate(s) as HSS, ibnlt selection as Space Migrants