Definition of Ideal Customers
04th September 2009--Hawkinge Folkestone, Kent 

Ideal Customers [iCus] reduce their CO2 pollution by at least 90%, because they:

  • purchase or lease a Utopian home located in:
  1. a Utopia
  2. SkyUtopia, SuperSkyUtopia
  3. Mini-Utopia-Village
  4. a Project 10  farm (to be lived on and/or managed) or a
  5. GaviHas (driven on roads, residing on a farm, and can be transported on Amalric III, land vehicles or trains) and
  • live and (primarily) work with their family in their Utopian home,
  • maximize use of the Internet to:
    1. work productively,
    2. learn from and teach others, 
    3. enjoy entertainment and entertain others
  • avoid unnecessary travel: But, 
  • (where necessary for business, learning or teaching, pleasure or migration) travel by private or public RDL designed, ZeroCO2 [ZCy] vehicles on land (including but not limited to their own GaviHas , and Gavin Hawks) in the air, also
  • order food and supplies via the Internet from suppliers producing and delivering to Utopian homes, restaurants and hotels and
  • if  resident in a GaviHas on a Project 10 farm, at least one member of the Ideal Customer family, manages and/or provides services for at least one Project 10 farm
  • If not a resident of a Utopian Home, SkyUtopia, SuperSkyUtopia, Mini-Utopia-Village, or GaviHas: But, owners of Gavin Hawks, they are another class of Ideal Customer, who do not use fossil fuel [FF] for air travel, therefore may reduce their own CO2 pollution by up-to-50%.

Utopian homes use no FF nor do their GaviHas vehicles, nor Gavin Hawks: But, iCus use electricity and hydrogen produced in their Utopian homes, from sunlight or subsurface heat (also produced and delivered by their Utopian homes or Project 10 farms) for fuel [HF] for their homes, vehicles, Gavin Hawks and GaviHas