Human Race (of homo sapien sapiens) [hss]
Within hss, the major divisions are based on regions of Family Residency, subject to National, State, Provencial & Local laws and Taxation; sometimes, but not always, defined by Passports within their possession. Subdivisions are classified as male, female, or homo sexual, also by age level (baby, child, teenager, Adult & Old Person (or Senior).

Once old enough, as Adult, or Senior, & also can be established as planning, traveling or have moved to & still alive, in a new location; can  also be classified as:
  • Migrants, further subdivided as Local Migrant [LM] or Space Migrant [SM](eg
  1. Adult Space Migrant [ASM]
  2. Senior Space Migrant [S2M]
  3. male Adult Space Migrant [mASM]
  4. female Adult Space Migrant [fASM]
  5. male Senior Space Migrant [mS2M] or
  6. female Senior Space Migrant [fS2M].)
Lack of any classification as male or female, MAY signify "don't ask, don't tell".
  • Immigrants, further subdivided as Local Immigrant [LI] or Space Immigrant [SI], indicates: a paying for or paid for, "passenger", not as SM
  • No classification at all, may indicate classification does not yet exist, or
  • classification exists as:
  1. Dead as a Door Nail [D2N]) has been determined, that this the name of one, late human-being, or who cannot be classified or has been refused to be involved in SM or
  2. perhaps, a live hss being, but has been determined to be "Useless as a teat on a Boar Pig" [UtBP], with respect to the person's name & their descendents are  not likely to be of any use to support hss'  surviving, living longe enough, to encourage & succeed as an SM or even paying for an SI.
Other than UtBP hss (including but not limited to [ibnlt] all current  hss,  approximately 100 hss, are most likely to be honored by ASM, SSN or even ASI or SSI,  are expected to be alive sometime during the next 100 years ad, & a probable ancestors of (at least some of) 50,000 HSS by 3000ad.

If the intelligence of hss has been made exchangeable & linked among hss, their alters & various types of Robots (such as UltraRobots [UR], SuperRobots [SR] & NanoRobots [NR] + robots' alters), combined, brings about super-groups, called [HSS], assigned, ibnlt, super-groups, ibnlt such intelligent, individual, included  beings.

All Outer Space Utopian Cities [OSUC] shall be composed of:
  • large-hollowed-out-&-adapted-asteroids, occupied, managed & operated by
  • a super-group (master-planned by GE) composed of
  1. SM & SI HSS
  2. HSS' alters &
  3. Robot HSS (UR, SR & NR) & their alter HSS.
ONLY ONE super-group-OSTC, is named after Shirltiti, by GE, called & labelled "OSTC Shirltiti HSS":

A preliminary model of OSUC Shirltiti HSS,  to be designed by GE & produced by his Experimental Great House)

The following Plaques have been designed:
  • Both Plaques shall be displayed on OSTC Shirltiti HSS
  • After that Plaque II shall also be displayed on OSUC Shirltiti HSS. 
  • A second copy of Plaque II shall be unveiled & displayed on Shirltiti-Aten (if & when earned, & with the appropriate date.).
  •  Target Dates:
RDL Plaque I
Start 1st January 2015
Encourage & Help SpaceMigrants

Locate suitable-shape-&-composition Large-Asteroids

 Designed & Built OSUC Shirltiti HSS
by or before
(for 50k HSS to
live, train in &)
Launch First Earth I's
Interstellar space VOYAGE
w/plenty-of-time to display:

RDL Plaque II
OSUC Shirltiti HSS
Arrived, built & settled

Ex0Earth I