How to Live [HTL] 

W/GE, By 2015ad:

Discuss Phase I, combining the above, ALAP-FF & K
Yke w/me: W/titanium &/or carbon based -- on frame & wheels,  to carry a (peddling, steering, shopping, loading & unloading) electric powered HMR  Robot w/one-up-to three HSStwo or three times the price of Touch of Modern bike ($15k).W/or/w/o combined with HAL (Selling for $10,000/HAL-suit). (Total $35k.)

GE & a partner, can live near the top of a mountain w/GA4LS, + a $35k telescope, (New Total = $70k.) 

Phase II: Add the price of two houses @ $500k each. Each shall be equipped with RDL Major Project 9 kitchens (one in the valley, one above the cloud layer) both supplied using GA4LS vehicles w/food supplied from local sources & grown & prepared by WorldWide sources (& arranged by RDL Project 9a).

Total cost to GE & collaborating partner: 50% of selling costs ($1,000k) + 100% of outright purchase of one telescope, ($35k) = $267.5k/yr. To accomplish all of this, GE must earn $535k * 1.3 to pay taxes & expenses = $695.5k. @ $347,750/year before early 2015ad. At $9/ebook, GE must sell  38.639 ebooks/year, from the 50 ebook copyrights he owns. Ie 773/eBook/year or 65/mo.

Selling similar homes at these planned selling prices, to return his development costs: GE, to recover his investment of his publishing income, he must sell at least slightly more than two similar homes.