Gavin & Shirltiti's Distribution System  [GSDS] 

 Addition (by GE) to include in RDL's: Design, construction & sale, of putting together GE's 'convertible" bed/cocktail-table/dining/work-table [DT],[WT]/desk WITH this chair [C3D2T]:---->

C3D2Ts for either, one (or two people sharing) in a small GSDS (BED/LIVING/DINING/UTILITY room):

  • Two C3D2Ts, for up-to two people sleeping
  • One wakes up, converts to his/her C3D2Ts to dining-table [DT] &/or work-table [WT] for preparing &/or serving breakfast
  • If the other resident wakes up, converts his/her C3D2Ts to a sitting chair [SC] (w/serving/work shelf [SW]) to eat/drink/chat/read/view: news/tv/email/dictate text/&/or video conference [VC] via GSDS before/during/after breakfast
  • After breakfast: for dining lunch/dinner/snack; one or both C3D2Ts may be converted to any combination of DT(s)/WT(s)/CT(s) &/or SCs until
  • converting C3D2Ts to beds for one (or both) resident(s) for reclining while resting &/or sleeping.
BTW: Details for conversion of C3D2Ts shall be designed & included in manufacture, especially to produce and offer for sale (including but limited to) total cost of one $5k/C3D2TsIE two C3D2Ts will sell for $10k, 

BTW2: The target of $10k/GSDS, the total selling-cost for furnishing one GSDS-room shall be $20k for one &/or two residents. 

BTW3: If more people need chairs as SCs (available, in the GSDS-room or nearby): They can use, the two C3D2Ts as WTs (for up-to 16 people) while Video Conferencing [VC] (Worldwide) w/GSDS in GSDS-s room.. 

Note: This effort has been chosen to be new  Moreprojects, the number at this time is Project 13, a Worldwide Project for immediate action to introduce sales of GSDS as soon as possible, in homes Worldwide.

GSDS are designed for information to be distributed, visually and audibly, via GSDS to be developed and and sold to millions of houses, and offices.  GSDS is used in one or more rooms, in each house or office, for people who want access to information, learning and teaching aids for themselves and their, and other people's, children, to enjoy learning and mutual efforts to help others.  

GSDS were developed over about twenty-three years, by Shirl and me, for various purposes. Several closely related technological developments have been developed, by others, and succeeded: And, in particular, are on the market, eg:

However, and unfortunately, these systems have not (yet) been integrated, ie made easy to use to allow a wide range of movies, books, and other media to be adapted, viewed (and listened to) whenever useful or enjoyable, and to be shared with others. Ie, instead of simply enjoyed as room decoration as a framed mirror and some framed fine art. Nor have they been coordinated with the decoration of rooms, to make them pleasant and enjoyable to spend time in, while working, in school, at home, or shared with other people, in the same room at the same time, or when you want to communicate with other people, and/or share, even while they are elsewhere.

GSDS is designed to integrate all of these features into one room (or in several "personal rooms") each "decorated" with a large framed mirror [lfm]:

  1. used as a mirror, or switched
  2. to show various forms of information displays (eg movies, videos, books, magazines, newspapers, TV programs, etc etc): But,when not in such use,
  3.  as a computer monitor, used in whatever service available for that purpose, eg email, downloading and/or listening to music, shared Skype conference calls, etc, etc.

The "framed picture speakers" [fps] can produce:

  1. sound as music, speech etc as and/or (simultaneously)
  2. display movies, videos, text etc, coordinated with the use of   
  3. scenes displayed on lfm and/or
  4. show images of the fine art collected by the owners (or available in various ways). 

If and when appropriate, the sound in the room, can be distributed to function as surround-sound, throughout the room. At the same time as producing sound, these (up-to-eight additional) speakers can also display and carry sound of  related information,  usually coordinated with displays on the lfm (large framed mirror) to add to and help understanding of the story, music, entertainment, and/or instructional contents on it.

GSDS is planned to be integrated into various residences, in connection with RDL houses (Utopia, SkyUtopia, GaviHas and farms), especially with Project Twelve, or any other house or office in the World, where electrical power and communication facilities, essentially with the Internet, are available.

Shirley vE. Embry's Association


Shirl's original interest was about distribution of her books, especially the children's books she had written. The conventional distribution of books was related to the profitability for publishers. Her need to "flood" the market with her books, was as a tool to inspire children to love to read, and learn to love learning to read, required earning some money via publisher to finance new ways of publishing to escape the clutches of publishers. The strategy she agreed to was to write for more popular books, which would attract publishers, and at least enough money to get more children's books distributed. Her next two attempts, did not succeed.


Gavin, with Shirl decided, to try a more direct approach to distribution without carrying a collection of parasites on our backs, ie, probably, a version of self publication. Putting up the lowest possible money up-front, would be tried: To launch the most popular book, likely to be another best seller, and earn the highest possible proportion of the selling price, would be the best bet.


With thirty or forty books to publish, the sooner early-earnings could pay to finance to the primary goal, the sooner that goal would be realized. That would distribute the most and best children's books, to the most children, who would learn more and raise their intelligence: higher and faster than any other way of teaching the next generation.


With some guidance by Caroline Bunting, Shirley and Gavin agreed on this strategy.


He now adds some creative approaches to business and distribution.  

Gavin Embry's Association


Gavin was Shirl's partner since 1973, with respect to her writing career, especially as a teaching tool, but including smart investment.


She was also his partner in working as an Executive Consultant and Head of international companies.She kept his health, confidence and enthusiasm higher than otherwise possible. He helped her deal with economic changes in publishing, judging the adjustments necessary, especially to cope with the short range, immediate profitability requirements of publishers.


Working and living together,  Gavin and Shirl built and decorated their house to support their goals and business needs. This included entertainment,  learning, keeping current in the news, reducing travel requirements and providing time and computer technology to support productive contribution to knowledge, art and earning power. They collaborated constantly with ideas and inventions to better deal with climate change and sociopolitical change.


Shirl had to semi-retire, not from loss of energy or mental power, but an accident and the return of cancer. Gavin, has picked up the reins, finally completely after her losing her life on 21st of July 2010.


Now, Gavin is stepping behind her goals, and his own, in the same coordinated way: To continue and build on her contributions to advancing the welfare of children and, as it turned out, the future of homo sapien sapiens in the World, and beyond. 


Now, also, one of his most important efforts is to renew and maintain the celebration of her life and accomplishments. 


Whateverelse, this is a labor of love.