G&S d'Amaury Direct [GSAD]
Update in 2012: GE formed this firm in Oregon USA to market (WorldWide) eBooks on the Internet to raise earned finance to: 
  • pay for preparing republishing & publishing new, original, English language books w/copyrights owned by GE.
  • Subsequently, earnings shall be used to finance translation & proofreading English books into 10 foreign languages &
  • Researchers to prepare Special Pages (to include in all published books} to aid readers to find LOCAL diagnoses & cures for readers & associates of LOCAL fatal diseases & eventually to
  • Prepare audio books & 
  • sets of each English language eBook w/foreign language version &/or audio book linked so that any sentence in an eBook to hear &/or read the same sentence in a translated version included in the set.  
  • To match all the above, selected, suitable versions of readers for readers of eBooks, audio books & apps for linking sentences: Shall be offered for sale to buyers of the books, both described above.
A suitable & available proportion of earnings from the above, as decided by GE, shall be set aside to carry out the goals of RDL as set forth below:

The GSAD  Firm (now called G&S d'Amaury Direct) was originally formed to:
  • Establish various Firms to launch RDL's Major Projects [RDLMP], and/or (non-profit) Experimental Projects [XP] for products to be produced in connection with RDLMPs, to:
  • Organize various Replacement Corporations [RC], as needed, to
  1. replace GSAD-established Firms by RCs in
  2. various countries, according to various country laws related to the characteristics of preferred shares, and/or
  3. where preferred shares can be negotiated, versions of preferred shares designed by GSAD for Certificates [C3] which are honorable and tradable, in open markets, in
  4. all countries where GSAD-RCs can be  formed.
  • Organize and carry out plans to: 
  1. design produce & market object d'art based on GE's properties &
  2. design & prepare associated Certificates [C3] to assure buyers of benefits (in addition to enjoying the possession of beautiful object(s) d'art)
  • Manage & collaborate with GSAD Experimental Projects [XP]s in connection with GSAD-RCs to: 
  1. mass produce products designed & tested by XPs & assigned to one or more GSAD-RCs, independent contractors &/or
  2. GSAD-organized- Joint Venture Partnerships [JVP] usually managed by a Managing JVP [MJVP], owned &/or managed by GE, his successors or heirs.
  • Organize & manage GSAD to offer books, to be manufactured by others contracted to supply to GSAD for delivery to customers, or to drop- shipped from manufacturer's storerooms as soon as sold. Initially, the products offered shall be: Books (w/copyrights owned by GE), in various media & languages:
  1. printed by GSAD or others &/or
  2. downloadable as eBooks &/or Audio Books, from GSAD's websites, in various languages & distributed in various countries.
  • Organize & manage Objects d'art, designed, created & fabricated by other firms, (sometimes owned by GE, & usually) specially prepared & associated with C3 Certificates w/special rights in connection w/GSAD-RCs, & (always) sold & distributed under strict control of GSAD.