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Firstly, the DLE Epilog was a dream of Gavin Embry, [GE], as Georg Cantor Smith [GCS] on the Alphe One including Felicia Pascuas & GE's plans for his first trip to Proxima Centauri &  first exploration of a first visited ExoEarth. The fleeting thought of company on his extrasolar voyage included Mary Glass, the model for Felicia Pascuas in the (factional) Dance by the Light of the Earth [DLE]. GE's accounts of the rest of GCS' life, were primarily based on Ira, GE's Alter (alternative personality), who actually might have been originally the son of Basil Embry (subsequently, Air Chief Marshal Sir Basil Embry), & Alicee Smith, physically killed by a rattlesnake's venom on the day of GE's birth. Ira may also have been teleported to GE's right brain.

G'aven d'Amaury III  shifted Ira's age level to be about 35 in 1987, to logically match the age levels of DLE's GCS' & heroines, which otherwise would have been a bit jarring.

This book picks up GE (after the experiences of GCS) picking up the career(s) of Shirley Goulden (her beauty & talent were GE's inspiration for Baroness Martine de la Noy/Dr Emmette d'Montefue), but Shirl did not have any (known) Alters (alternative personalities).

However, Shirl did have many coincidences/parallels with Queen Nefertiti, which may reappear in GSAD Book IV. Shirl and the Queen both had:

  • Their very early, unique, original, creative talents and recognised, spectacular, incredible, feminine beauty

  • split with their family traditions & had been

  • sold into marriage with rich and powerful husbands,

  • split with (or were liberated from) their arranged marriages, were

  • been manoeuvred into new marriages, which did not work either,

  • split again and, lastly

  • formed partnerships with very different creative sponsors.

  • Who, have done, or are doing, whatever they may do to pass what she lived for, to advance the future welfare of (at least) homo sapiens sapiens.

Perhaps, when Shirl became aware of Nefertiti's history, she was inspired to study & write about “former lives”, a currently popular topic. (One story of former lives was her Paradise Walk, American Salute , now published & French Salute now soon to be published.

As far as I know, Shirl never suspected herself as a descendent of Nefertiti  via her six daughters. (Based on the unmixed female, genetic heritage, from her Ukrainian mother, it seems most likely.)

GE had suspicions:
  • Shirl & Nefertiti advocated “one god”, rather than three, dozens, or hundreds; including but not limited to, Saints, Angels, Devils and Demons.

  • GE & Shirl understood & wrote about space travel, ExoEarths, cats: And, superpositioning: including but not limited to, electrons, atoms, molocules, cats, and … people. (Which Einstein and Popes, probably would never have believed in.)

  • They were, before 21th of July 2010 , concerned about the care of children, especially learning to love to read and love learning to read, not just on Earth but on the trillions of ExoEarths in (possibly) trillions (?) of Galaxies, 

  • under One God, not just one Jehovah, concerned only with homo sapiens sapiens & on only one Earth (I).

A planned, "super-factional" Book,  will be about the trip GCS planned & dreamed about, sometime before the end of 21st century. And, colonies & celebrations (by the evolved homo sapien sapiens, & their domestics) in Shirl-Aten, the SuperSky-Utopia on SuperEarth One in the 30th century. Begun at The Beginning and so on and on to the End, by GHA IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX... up-to XVI or thereabouts, as Edition IIXC, broadcast throughout the Galaxies, gradually changing  Futures to Histories, Edition by Edition.