Google Glasses w/Augmented Reality [G2AR]

G2AR has been, by Google. introduced, at last, long after RDL Major Project 17 [RMP17].

RMP17 may (or may not) link to G2AR to incorporate:
  •  glasses worn by Humans, to be ordered vocally to act on programmed or connected Apps (eg android or apple) to accomplish something, based on what the wearer sees &/or connected with that he wants to have done, for example, to:
  1. Explain what the wearer sees
  2. Translate the language seen or heard
  3. Direct him how to go to object seen, or 
  4. Follow direction sign
  5. Order to purchase object seen or advertised
  6. Find need seen or
  7. Source of similar item needed
  8. Order information how to avoid danger
  9. Order direction to choose options to avoid danger
  10. Refer to expanded explanation of response
  11. etc
  12. etc.
  • RMP17 may incorporate other suppliers of augmented reality equipped glasses &/or other devices & combinations of devices such as:
  1. Cameras
  2. Tablets &
  3. Telephones.
  • An expansion of RMP17 is also planned to assist users w/limited:
  1. vision as well as &/or
  2. hearing &/or
  3. mobility