GiaNet [GN] 

The GN was established & based on management of GiaBats [GB] launched from Earth I (land, sea, air, submarine), Ex0Earth [n]s & in outer space. Once launched:

  • GiaBats are controlled (by PATCOs) in flight, landing &/or communicating w/individuals &/or with bases via SuperGiaPosts [SGP] & GiaPosts [GP] while delivering messages &/or packets &/or 
  • SuperGiaBats [SGB] carrying GBs, are also controlled by PATCOs 
  • Military use of GBs or SGBs are controlled by United World Foundation [UWF], until transfered to the Military Department of United World [UW]
  • SGP are used to store, launch, reschedule, redistribute & serve as distribution centers for GBs, SGBs: + messages & cargo packets  carried by GB & SGBs. SGP's shall be programmed to operate w/o human workers nor addressee's participation.
  • Fixed GP [FGP] & mobile GPs [MGP], at the individual's current location, dwelling or assigned address post are used to land & take-off GB & SGP while delivering messages or depositing paquets to be picked up or downloaded by addressees from individual's address post
  • FGP are marked by (encrypted) coded &/or by laser or radio signals [ECRS] to uniquely designate the recipient of messages or packets for landing or delivery of messages, goods or attacks
  • FGP & MGP can be delivered to mark an addressee (suitably identified &/or requested) 
  • For military use, FCP & MGP ECRSs shall designate action(s): demanding surrender to arrest, non-lethal attack... instead of (instant) death.