Gavin Embry's [GE] Plans [GEP]

Summary Introduction

Addendum (By GE): 12th Oct 2012

Keep It Simple...Stupid [KISS]: A great political motto, but improved w/several kinds of GE twists, (especially learned from writers & movie-plot plotters). A GE twist can short cut KISS to [KIS] Eg:

  • Keep it Simple... but not to Stupid People [KS2P]:
  1. So,You have to teach something first [TSF]
  • Keep it even Simpler... but not Too Kind to Stupider People [K2S2P]:
  1. Keep someone alive, for the future [SAF]
  • Save The Many w/the Few SAF [SMWF]
  • (Adjective) Too Little Too Late [T2L2], or [(TL2)]
  • (Adjective) Too Much Too Far [AT2MF]
  • (Adjective) Too Much Too Dumb [T2MD]
  • (Adjective) Too Soon Sometime Wrong [TS2W]
  • Lower case is fun [lcF], Upper Case is Important [UCI].
 I TSF, mixing lcF w/ UCI,  for Emphasis; to TSF emphatically to focus attention with KS3P & SMWF. This statement makes it short & easy, for me, & fast Enough [semE] to communicate w/Enough KIS to Enough [seE4KIS] SMWF to SMWF, Not T2L2 [E4KIS(SMWF)3-TL2] (A "-" stands for "not").

E4KIS(SMWF)3-TL2 (Or shorter still, [EsSMWF-TL]) is, essentially, a summary or the last paragraph, too short for most people immediately grasp the essence. But only a few (Enough, about 50,000, over the next few 1,000 years), who (remember, de-cypher &/or) puzzle out its importance & are inspired to become Space Migrants, are essential to SMWF.

BTW: In abbreviations, "s" stands for "more than one of the one just on the left". Epsilon, a small, "e" or "
ε", often stood for "the smallest, not necessarily zero, possible number", now there are many meanings.
  • Big "E" (for me) now means "Enough"
  1. "E" emphatically "Enough"
  2. "E" thoroughly "Enough"
  3. "E" absolutely "Enough"
  4. "E" too damned T2MD "Enough"
  5. "E" as "Enough as we ever hoped for" [EAWH]
Even my feral chicken-hens understood. More than one egg was Enough (neither epsilon, nor None), to sit on & hatch.

By: G'aven d'Amaury III [GHA]

(Rest of 2012ad)

Since 2008ad, GE founded, financed, owned & managed Real Div Lifestyles [RDL], including but not limited to 13 RDL Major Projects, 12 More Major Projects, Goulden Publishing [GP] & G&S d'Amaury Direct [GSAD] (while located in Kent UK, until relocated RDL HQ [most likely, temporarily] in Oregon USA since May 2011). in connection with these Major Projects & GSAD, GE has, so far, also planned 14 Experimental Projects

[XP]. XP includes Children's Power Systems [CP], producing 17.5m readers of CP books [CPBR].

In addition, GE plans, writes & publishes books, movies, his reviews of fiction, non-fiction & factional books, including but not limited to his autobiography & biographies. His books & reviews are published under his nom de plumb, GHA, on this website. They are also planned and published as eBooks, audio books, movies and printed books on Amazon & Barnes & Nobel.

So far, GE's goals are:

  • Short term, during the 21st century, to:
  1. Limit Global Warming to 2 more degrees C, by
  2. 80 million [m] Ideal Customers [iCs] reducing polluting the atmosphere w/CO2, by more than 10% of their current pollution in
  3. homes, schools, shops & factories & by
  4. using 32m Gavin Hawks w/hydrogen power, (not using 128m cars and all aircraft, both using fossil fuel), & also
  5. lowering deaths/mile 50%. by traveling by Gavin Hawks rather than by car accidents &
  6. saving lives of 1 billion [b] homo sapien sapiens [hss] on Earth, 1/7th of 7b  from cancer & the 10 most common fatal diseases, by
  7. 17.5m hss learning to read &/or to loving reading, to read 17.5m Special Pages (included & published by GSAD) and finding local sufferers & local diagnoses & cures: by 1/7th of 7b hss (ie 1b hss).
  •  Long term, by the end of 21st century (10b hss, estimated), w/sufficient & sufficiently science-&-engineering-educated adult, 17.5m CPBRs to:
  1. discover AMAP exoplanets  
  2. plan for & execute interstellar travel
  3. plus colonization of exoplanets by 3012ad to
  4. freeing space on Earth for 50% of CPBR &
  5. 50% CPBRs to migrate to AMAP exoplanets, as ex-pat-hss [xphs], to survive for at least 100 more years, ie two more generations, until 3112ad to
  6. meet GHA CLIX's description; about the first successful Ex0Earth I [X0EI].
(And, by that time, the latest version of Dance by the Light of the Earth CLVI, [DLECLVI] the bio of Georg Cantor Smith CLVI [CSCLVI]
Both: By  G'aven d'Amaury CLIX [GACLIX].)
End of Summary Introduction

Review of Recently Planned Additions

GE's Immediate decisions needed in 2012:
  • Keep Primary Head Quarters [PHQ] of RDL (including but not limited to GSAD, Major Projects & XP , as well as associated website(s), including but not limited to State and/or Nations, where and form where firms are incorporated in (or not incorporated), in:
    1. USA (GSAD currently)
    2. Canada
    3. UK (RDL & website, currently) or
    4. Republic of Panama or
    5. Europe.
  • Start by 2013, with GE Master Plan, based on above, almost certainly 90% odds on: w/o GE residing in the USA. But, depending to some extent, on results of national elections and  winners' post-election-strategy, related AMAP to GHA's proposal: on taxation & human rights, including but not limited to citizenship & dual citizenship.