Gavin Junior Hawk
  • RDL's Subproject Gavin Hawks Alpha: Gavin Junior MK0 [GS0] -- A piloted autogyro, powered by fossil fuel [FF] (gasoline/petrol) engine.  As a Gavin Hawk, it is similar to an Updated Honda, a flying motorcycle or motorcycle gyro, or but with an electrically  driven rear wheel and two electricly driven and shrouded front wheels. The electricity of the drive wheels, on takeoff, switch to also drive an extremely rear mounted propeller, which provides sufficient forward motion to auto rotate the undriven, two-bladed rotor for taking off, climbing into the sky and landing. For road use, the two-bladed rotor is aligned to the machine so it can be driven on the road and operated very similarly as a motorcycle. For road use, this Gavin Junior's wheels are much thinner than the (illustrated) motorcycle wheels, and equipped with  electric drivers to make them powered by electricity (produced by the FF engine) or by a hydrogen fuel cell  [HFc], when a suitable one is available
  • This version also uses shrouded wheels, instead of retractable, wheels.  These are much  lower air drag at high speeds of two to three hundred mph, in the air. The two front wheels also serve, when airborn, as forward mounted rudders instead of tail assemblies... with elevator planes fitted between them.
  • The two-bladed rotor can be aligned parallel to the direction of movement on the road to avoid contact with other vehicles (and roadside obstructions) until a forty-foot-wide open runway, one to two hundred feet long, is available for takeoffs (or landings)
  • Possible future versions of Gavin Junior Hawks MK0+ [GS0+] may be converted to use HFc (rather than an FF  engine) to generate electricity for the propeller & all drivers
  • As a further improvement, this version may also be equipped with a driver to propel the rotor, similar to (& with, or without) the drivers used by the wheels; to take off &/or land vertically, in any clear, forty-foot-diameter circle, instead of  using the drive wheels to travel along the road &/or runway, before or during taking off, or to touch down.