(James) Gavin Embry  I [GE]

Edited copy of GE's Psychological Profile, Mental & IQ Test

Current Notice: GE is currently the self-declared Alternative President [AP] of United World [UW][APUW].

Executive Summary
My early University in Austin Texas I earned two BS degrees, in Mechanical Engineering & in Naval Science & Tactics, with additional majors in Math & Physics, & minors in Electrical & Industrial Engineering. I studied at post- graduate levels in the University of California-Berkeley as MS in Organization Planning, for one year & one year as MS from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces [ICAF] in Emergency Management of the National Economy.

As a commissioned Naval Officer, GE served one year as Ensign (DE), at sea, on the USS Kankakee  in the  Pacific & Indian Oceans & Arabian Gulf, primarily as Communications, Education, Ships Clerk, Wardroom Officer, Watch, Officer ot the Deck & Navigator. 
After transferred to inactive duty: Then, GE, voluntarily rejoined active duty in the Korean War as 1)  Lt(jg)  ("Captain") of USNS Cedar Creek for one year. Then 2) assigned as Communications Officer, Ships Clerk & Chief of  Police ) of the USNS General Black, 3) & USNS General Pope & finally, 4) to Foreign-Shore duty as Shipping Security & Naval Intelligence Officer of the 15th Naval District for the Panama Canal Zone & Caribbean Sea. 

Subsequent to active duty, GE attended weekly & summer training as a full Lieutenant, for ten more years. 

As a civilian, on inactive (naval) duty, GE served as: 1) Naval Supply Clerk; 2) Sales Manager of Cars, Liquor & Trucks (imported to Republic of Panama) for one  year; Geodetic Engineer of the InterAmerican Geodetic Survey for one year (Until GE returned to active naval duty for two years for the Korean War).

Subsequent to the Korean War:  GE was employed by Kaiser Engineers Div of Henry J. Kaiser Co [KE], simultaneously as four Managerships of, 1) Subcontracts Department, 2) Contracts Department, 3) Systems & Procedures Department, & 4) Organization Planning Departments, in KE for 6 years. I had been offered promotion as Vice President of Administration, but I had already been recruited as Assistant to the President & Chief Industrial Engineer of PACECO for 2.5 years. GE became Founder & Owner of a consulting firm (including Cofounder & Assistant Chief Engineer of Rheem  Semiconductor Organization. Then recruited to serve as Supervisor of Special Projects & Manager of Management Information Systems [MIS] of Varian Associates for the next 12 years. In 1972, GE Co-Founded & served as  International Vice President of Executive Technology Corporation [ETC] assigned  to reside in Paris France for 2.5 years. GE resigned ETC & became Founder, Chairman & CEO of Structured Information Systems SA [SISSA](all associated with Booz Allen & Hamilton [BAH], while also serving as Executive Consultant for over 20 international firms for 15 more years. GE disassociated//never related to BAH, several firms GE founded & managed, such as Embry-General Ltd, GE has now terminated//reorganized. Eg Embry-General.com [EGC] is now planned as a new version, a worldwide Internet publishing & sales organization supplying entertainment, pleasure & inspiration, especially helping buyers & readers finding their local diagnoses & cures of local fatal diseases]; Boutique Enterprises Ltd, Freehold Enterprises Ltd & Real Div Ltd: GE has founded & manages Real Div Lifestyles, Goulden Publishing, G&S d'Amaury Direct & EGC.... Until now!    

GE was Founder (along with Shirley vE. Embry) of RDL, as Chairman & Chief Executive Officer [CEO] of Real Div Ltd [RDL].  RDL is now a (reorganized) firm fully owned by GE, called Real Div Lifestyles, also "RDL". GE is also, currently, Sole Owner of G&S d'Amaury Direct, + author & editor-in-chief (as G'aven d'Amaury III)
His initial university degrees in science & engineering were Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering [BSME] and Bachelor of Science in Naval Science & Tactics [BSNS&T] from the University of Texas, Austin.
At age 15, in 1943, GE passed  exams (qualifying as member of Mensa) & was accepted by the US Navy V-12 program, as Apprentice Seaman: But. candidate for Commissioned Navy Line Officer.  Or as one of the various Medical, Supply, Judge Advocate General, Naval Air or Marine Corps Officers.

In 1944, the Navy enrolled him in Southeast Missouri State Teachers College (now called Southeast Missouri State University [SMSU]).  With in eight months, while still 16, he was selected by the United States Navy to attend the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps [NROTC], as a cadet (equivalent to MidShipman) at the University of Texas, Austin TX. There, within 1.5  years (rather than the normal five years), while 18, rather than 22 or 23, GE earned his first degree & was commissioned as Ensign, USNR (DE), scoring in the upper five percent of newly commissioned naval officers.  His curriculum, degree and commission in the USNR are exactly the same as granted at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis MD. Commissioned as Ensign (DE), by President Truman  (ie  qualified as both a deck [D] &/or engineering officer [E], authorized to Command-at-Sea //Chief Engineer.)

In 1948, also at Univ. of Texas at Austin, GE earned his second Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Mechanical Engineering [BSME], also with majors in Physics, Mathematics & minors in Electrical & Industrial Engineering.    

By June 1946-June 1947, GE served, at sea, appointed as Navigation, Communications, & Education Officer,
 Ships Clerk (& also elected as) Wardroom Officer, of the USS Kankakee AO-39. The AO-39's home port was in San Francisco CA. & sailed in the Pacific, Indian Ocean & Persian Gulf.

In June 1947 he accepted inactive duty & was employed as a Supply Clerk in the Naval Supply Depot in Balboa, Panama Canal Zone: Before returning to the Univ of Texas-Austin.

In 1948, to June 1950 (returning from the Univ. of Texas to Republic of Panama) he was employed in the Republic as a Sales Manager for Panama for trucks, cars & liquor for Panama. Then, resigned to act as Geodetic Engineer for level-one-Geodetic-Mapping of Panama

During June 1950-June 1952 GE returned to naval active duty as Communications Officer, Ships Clerk, Chief of Military Police &/or Commanding Officer (Courteously titled "Captain") of various USNS ships in the Pacific, Indian Ocean & Caribbean Sea.  For example, the USNS Cedar Creek, USNS Gen Black &/or USNS Gen Pope. He also served as Naval Intelligence & Shipping Security Officer for  the United States Navy's 15th District, responsible for defense of the Panama Canal & Caribbean Sea, primarily against the USSR and/or communist China.  
GE's third degree was promised in the 60s, by the Industrial College of the Armed Forces [ICAF], in Emergency Management of the National Economy, also scoring in the upper five percent of graduate, senior, naval and military officers. (This equivalent degree is now awarded by National Defense University (now including ICAF) as Master of Science in National Resources Strategy [MS-NRS].)
GE also attended the University of California post-graduate level (at Berkeley CA), studying company  Organization, Administration, Operations Research, Accounting & Finance & Public Speaking. As Manager of SubContracts, Prime Contracts, Systems & Procedures, & Organization Planning, GE managed the reorganization of Kaiser Engineers, Division of Henry J Kaiser Corporation.  
GE's Psychological Profile (prepared by Stanford University, Palo Alto CA) & Career History, are set forth below.
GE's primary goals, & reasons for founding RDL, & re-launching RDL as Real Div Lifestyles, was & still is organizing & founding Experimental ProjectsJoint Venture Partnerships, and 80+ million Ideal Customers for  reducing CO2 pollution by 90%, against War and Global Warming.
               Psychological Profile







Psychological Testing Report


James Gavin Embry



Organization:     Pacific Coast Engineering Company

                             Oak Street and Clement Avenue

                             Alameda, California


Age at Test: 30 years



Mental Ability (General):  On a test designed to measure general ability to reason, to learn, to think, to remember, etc., Mr. Embry’s performance was in the highest one percent of a representative sample of college students in four-year colleges and universities.  Within the test there was no significant difference in performance level between the quantitative (numerical) and linguistic (verbal) factors.  Nor was there any difference between the reading effectiveness score and the other (quantitative, verbal, total) scores.  Within the reading effectiveness score there was no difference in performance level between those parts having to do with reading of quantitative materials and those having to do with the reading of verbal materials. The overall performance places Mr. Embry in the highest one-tenth of one per cent of the general adult population in this country.


Mental Ability (Abstract Reasoning): Mr Embry’s performance on a test of high-level, abstract (“pure”) reasoning indicates that as compared to a general group of students in graduate study at leading universities he ranks in the upper three per cent of the group.  As compared to a group of graduate students in engineering (all fields, one-third Masters candidates and two-thirds PhD candidates) he again scored in the top one per cent of the group.  As compared to graduate students in Business Administration (two-thirds Masters candidates, one-third PhD candidates) he again scored in the top one per cent of the group.  As compared to the general adult population of this country, as usual he scores in the highest one tenth of one per cent.


Mental Ability (critical-Logical Reasoning):

Mental Ability (Practical Judgement):

Supervisory Knowledge:


In the interest of the economy for both time and space, let it simply be said that in the three measurement areas noted above, Mr Embry’s scores range from an upper position of one tenth to one hundredth of one percent to a [low] of the upper one per cent of any group of any group it is currently possible to compare him with.  If the reader has any questions concerning these matters, it is suggested that he contact Mr. Embry, who will undoubtedly be able to furnish eminently satisfactory answers.


Vocational Interests:  The primary and overriding interest element in Mr. Embry’s pattern of measured vocational interests takes the form of a very general Administrative-Supervisory-Managerial interest which extends completely across every major type of occupation represented on the interest measuring instrument used.  There are, it is true, some slight but probably insignificant discriminations to be made in absolute concentration of interest scores within functional interest areas, showing Social Service (service to people) as his primary concentration, followed in descending order by concentrations in Applied, Professional, Technical, Semi-Technical (artisan-like, craftsman-like), Scientific—Technical, Verbal-Linguistic (written word manipulation), Business detail, Business Contact (business persuasion, sales, public relations, etc.)  As can be seen from the extreme heterogeneity of Mr. Embry’s measured vocational interests, it is highly likely that he will have to (1) go into some sort of business for himself, in which he can exercise adequately in all functional areas, or (2) he will have to somehow rise to general management levels within a larger business or industrial organization, in order that he may find adequate outlet for the generalized managerial interest pattern that is so broadly supported by evident interest in every measurable occupational  activity area.  Fortunately, Mr. Embry’s wide-ranging interest pattern, which would look most appropriate at high managerial levels, it (sic) accompanied by an occupational aspiration level that would appear to draw him upward to that same level.


Personality Characteristics: Unless Mr. Embry’s notable intellectual capacities have allowed him to neutralize a very cantankerous personality test with almost complete success; it would appear that he is about as normal and healthy person as it has been the writer’s good fortune to encounter in the analysis of a good many hundreds of these personality assessments.  That is not to say that Mr. Embry will not have faults; he undoubtedly has, however, it is likely that such faults are rather directly the result of simple inadequacy of experience or lack of opportunity to encounter the requisite information for operation in a particular situation.  The personality test results reflect an almost optimum blend and balance of independence-knowledgeable dependence, energy and activity-constraint and caution, ambitions and drive-perspicacity and tolerance, realism-optimism, cooperation-initiative, impulsiveness-thoughtfulness, mental toughness-sensitivity, generosity-enlightened selfishness.  In short, it is difficult to envision that vocational goal which would be justifiably denied Mr. Embry either because of inadequate intellectual capacities or inappropriate personal characteristics.


Career History

Gavin Embry

Experience Highlights


  • Communications Officer, Education Officer, Navigator, Ships Clerk & Wardroom Officer of USS Kankakee (AO-39), Fleet Oiler, operating in the Western Pacific, Indian Oceans, Caribbean Sea & Persian Gulf.
  • Communications Officer of USNS General Black (Assault Troopship) in the Pacific
  • Communications Officer & Chief of Military Police of USNS General Pope (Troopship) in the Pacific (This former ocean liner carried up to 4500 troops, with equipment.)
  • Commanding Officer of USNS Cedar Creek (Fleet Oiler), in the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans and the Arabian Sea.
  • Naval Intelligence & Shipping Security Officer for the 15th Naval District (Panama Canal Zone & Caribbean Sea, especially the security of the Panama Canal)


  • Geodetic Engineer for the Inter-American Geodetic Survey, in Central and South America, responsible for mapping of Panama, including the Islands in Panama Bay, Western Panama, the Darien Province & North Coast.


  • Manager of (Prime) Contracts (& Subcontracts) at Kaiser Engineers (KE), the engineering arm of Kaiser Industries (founded by Henry J. Kaiser) which also owned Kaiser Aluminum, Kaiser Iron & Steel, Kaiser Electronics, Kaiser Magnesium, Kaiser-Frazer Automotive & Permanente Cement.  (KE throughput was over $20 billion/year -- adjusted for inflation to 2012ad) & its projects which involved Gavin Embry included:
  1.  Expansion of the Hanford Atomic Energy Works, (Washington State) 
  2. Initial construction of Chalmette Louisiana Aluminium Reduction Plant
  3. Expansion of the Jamaican Alumina Mines
  4. Expansion of the Tata Iron and Steel Facilities Expansion (added 50% to the iron and steel making capacity of the Indian Sub-Continent),
  5. Arrow Lakes Hydroelectric Dam (Canada), 
  6. Snowy River Hydroelectric Development (Australia), at that time the longest tunnel in the World.  
  7. several Kaiser Iron Mines and Steel Mills Expansions, and various iron and steel, aluminum, magnesium, cement, and atomic energy facilities. 
  8. GE proposed the name, "Industrias Kaiser de Argentina", the acronym "IKA", and 
  9. helped found Industrias Kaiser de Argentina as the Kaiser  Automobile Factories in Argentina (IKA), while sole translator for English/Spanish and Spanish/English technical/legal translation of correspondence between Kaiser and the Argentinian Government.
  • (Simultaneous) Manager of Subcontracts at KE
  • (Simultaneous) Manager of Contracts at KE
  • (Simultaneous) Manager of Systems and Procedures at KE 
  • (Simultaneous) Manager of Organization Planning at KE, serving as Manager of Re-Organization of KE, with 15,000 employees, as eight Project Divisions, each  headed by a Divisional Vice President. GE resigned to accept a new employer, as:
  • Assistant to the President, Chief Engineer & Manager of Industrial Engineering of Pacific Coast Engineering Company. Products [PACECO] including fabrication and assembly of:
    1. ocean going barges and dredges
    2. atomic reactor  vessels,
    3. hydroelectric valves and gates
    4. dockside and shipboard cranes and 
    5. other heavy steel fabricated products: Then
  • Assistant Chief Engineer at Rheem Semiconductors in Sunnyvale CA. (This was as a part of the start-up team of a semiconductor manufacturer), Then.
  • Supervisor of Special Projects at Varian Associates.  GE joined Varian Associates (an early and enduring leader in electronics product design, development and manufacturing) as a leader of a  team (including Booz-Allen and Hamilton) working on the design and implementation of a new Material Control System for the Analytical Instrument Division.  He stayed on to lead design, development & implementation of (the world's first) Manufacturing Resource Planning ([MRP], later [MRP-II] & [ERP]) Systems: Adopted by,  all the 21 additional Varian Divisions & Subsidiaries as the
  • Manager of Management Information Systems [MIS] for Varian Associates

Founder & Executive: 

  • Co-Founder & Vice President, International -- Executive Technology Corporation [ETC], in charge of design, development & implementation of MRP, MRP-II and ERP Systems for clients in the USA, North & South America,Western Europe, Near East,  South Africa & the UK: Resigned before the company terminated & GE became:.
  • Founder, Chairman, Managing Director & Executive Consultant of SISSA. SISSA extended MRP-II &  Enterprise Resource Management Systems (ERP) concepts to support & develop Supply Chain Management.  These systems included:
  1. Product design and development
  2. Manufacturing engineering
  3. Order Planning,
  4. Shop floor control
  5. purchasing of parts and raw material
  6. Fabrication
  7. subassembly
  8. assembly
  9. final assembly
  10. final inspection
  11. warehousing
  12. sales forecasting
  13. Customer relationships
  14. shipping &
  15. Supply chain management.
  • Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Embry General Ltd [EGL] and Boutique Estates Division:  Terminated.by GE.
  • Founder, Executive Chairman and eCEO of  Executive Chairman and eCEO of Stone Tiger Entertainment  Ltd. Terminated by GE.
  • Executive Chairman  and eCEO of Michelson, Morley & Maxwell Ltd. Terminated by GE.
  • Founder, Executive Chairman and CEO of Evelyn Enterprises Ltd. Terminated by GE.
  • Founder, General Secretary of Freehold Now!!. Successful in legal changes in the UK to allow ownership of apartments (flats) in buildings, then terminated by GE
  • Secretary of Ice candy Entertainment Ltd
  • Founder,  Chairman and CEO of Real Div Ltd [RDL]
  • Re-organizer of RDL as Real Div Lifestyles
  • Co-founder, Co-Manager, Author & Executive Consultant of Goulden Publishing [GP] + owner and manager of Shirley Goulden's copyrights on her books.
  • Founder & owner of G&S d'Amaury Direct [GSAD]
  • Organizer of Experimental Projects [XP]


During World War II, many scientists, including Albert Einstein, initiated and supported plans for Emergency Management of the National Economy. 

These plans included & succeeded in:
  • designing and building the first atomic bombs, and 
  • building millions of war weapons (for example, totally stopping producing of new private passenger cars) for four years.

Both plans made major contributions to defeating German, Italian and Japanese governments attempts to destroy democratic civilizationThis was GE's post graduate studies in Emergency Management of the National Economy.

Ninety-six+ percent of today's
professional scientists now agree on the danger to the World, of Global Warming & the urgency of a solution; But, no one else has yet developed a Master Plan: large, powerful, specific, proposed & quick enough, to avoid serious risk of Worldwide extinction of the human species, homo sapien sapiens [hss].

GE, of RDL & GSAD has now prepared the only such Master Plan: of 12 Major Projects, as set forth on REL Major Projects.

RDL's Experimental Projects (including but not limited to Experimental Project 1a) plus 13 More Major Projects, extends
  • RDL's goals to improve hss to HSS &
  • support HSS' survival & extending hss life on Earth, for (approximately) another 125 years
  • until it is reasonable to expect successful discovery of many suitable ex0planets to settle 50m HSS on 1k planets, while 
  • designing & constructing 1k interstellar spaceships to travel to &  
  • found the first interstellar colony of HSS in Shirltiti-Aden [SA], the capital city of Ex0Earth I [XEI]), POPULATED BY 250,000 HSS & 
  • Mutually celebrate New Thanks(giving) Day [NTD] (as early as) November 2263ad.