GE's Nom de Plumb: G. Haven d'Amaury III [GHA]


Revision: 7th Mar 2016

By GE, review & cleaning up this page to make it easier to read update.


New idea; just came to GHA: 14th Mar 2013

Based on two, just-discovered, dwarf stars, w/possible exoplanets,  nearer Earth I (& Sol), rather than any other (except Alpha Centauri's triple star system, or Barnard's star) about six light years away.

I'm no longer considering a new sequel of  Dance by the Light of the Earth [DLE]: Called Dance Under Barnard [DUB].

Constitution of the United World [UW]

The Man who would be President [TMP]
By: G. Haven d'Amaury III

The ambitions of Gavin Embry [GE], to elect him self as the President [P] of the United States of America [PUSA] & stamp new lifestyles on ~80 million people in 20 years: Is
  • too unlikely
  • too late getting started
  • too restricted in scope, and 
  • too much targeted on US Citizens.
What is really (still urgently needed is a P of the United States of the World [UW], [PUW], taking effect in early 2017ad (at the latest). The inspiration for establishing UW was largely to avoid the USA & Other Nations on Earth [ONE*] crashing and burning in the same manner as Easter Island

What can be done, except the very unlikely event of  RDL's Major Projects being launched & executed, Worldwide, soon enough, to protect the total destruction of the World's Economy? At least, lowering the  danger of Global Warming: For homo sapien sapiens [hss]. (Generally, to limit the future overall, average, Worldwide increase in global warming to be less than 2 degrees, Celsius, after 2016ad.)

Currently, RDL has continued to promote GE's  ideas. Initially founding UW, declaring himself as alternative of  United World [APUW]: Then, ASAP running for President of UW [PUW], with a Constitution of UW [CUW] (similar to the one in effect &/or [//] he proposes, for the Constitution of USA, [CUSA]): So that, each existing (as-of 2016ad) State of the USA [SUSA]//ONE [SONE] (//territory//tax-free-zone [TGZ]), which wishes to, may elect to become a exclusive State of UW & UW[XSUW]//Mutual SUSA//SONE [MSUW]. (Perhaps treaties among UW, USA & ONE, allowing for the above, may need to be agreed to avoid Civil Wars!)

Also, any zone of a nation (such as a state, province, or unified  area or territory) any ONE]; w/potential TGZ [PTGZ] w/at least 20 million of voting age, or any size totally independent of ONE, may, under the  provisions  of CUW, may vote in favor: (by a 66.6667% majority of the  recognized residents & voters of aforesaid PTGZ to declare and cause PTGZ to become a new XSUW//TGZ of an existing state of UW.

Certain repugnant provisions of the Constitution of the USA [CUSA], shall be terminated & not included in CUW:
  1. years of age [YOA] less than 18
  2. citizenship, based on current "residence" or "place of birth" or
  3. place (or period or time) of residence or
  4. former citizenship or class of citizenship
  5. imposing taxes//denying right to vote (or punishments) based on:
  6. sex (or lack of)
  7. intelligence (or lack of)
  8. age (or disability)
  9. education (or lack of)
  10. religion (or lack of)
  11. race (or lack of)
  12. level of income (or lack of), unless based on universal measure of a universal UW's unreasonable percentage of individual income, above fair and universally measured percentage, of the excess over a specific individual's needs, and/or
  13. value or kind of property (or lack of)
  14. anything other than "recognized" conviction for serious crime (felony) and lack of pardon  by ONE//the APUW, PUW or elected candidate PUW 
  15. (Obviously, APUW//PUW cannot pardon him//her self//
  16. ONE cannot pardon felonies committed & convicted by UW courts.)
While, most of, (if not all) the other provisions of CUSA shall be included in the CUW (and in model versions of SUW Constitutions [CSUW], unless and until amendments are passed by the same (66.6667%) majority of:
  • voters of SUW for that respective SUW's CSUW or by
  • all voters of UW with respect to the CUW,  which shall supersede
  • all provisions of CSUWs which
  • are found in conflict with CUW, as judged
  • by the Supreme Court of the UW [SCUW].
(Details to be cross referenced and further developed by GHA), up-to-now as set forth below:

The holding an election to choose the CUW shall be as follows:
  • Whenever 20 million [m] votes by voters (qualified by their own basic citizenship regulations) have been cast and at least 10m voters have voted in favor of the candidate CUW, said CUW shall be declared successful and be adopted as the first and original CUW: Provided the provisions declared above have been included in the CUW, especially that any:
  1. subsequent amendment
  2. repeal of an amendment, or
  3. revision of an amendment,
shall only be, invoked and declared to have been decided by at least by a 66.6667% majority of the  recognized residents and voters of UW have voted "Yes" & instead of having voted "No", (and a similar provision is required to be provided in all CSUW),
  • Only one CUW shall be adopted forever by UW & once a CUW has been adopted: conflicting, alternative and all other proposed CUW shall be disregarded except for changes allowed by  amendment(s) voted on and passed in the same manner, to the first and only original CUW.
You can  vote* here and now: But, NB: your vote shall counted as a vote, but may not be counted  if  the declared APUW or elected PUW, is not satisfied & declares, that you cannot legitimately vote in your ONE. Else you can vote once you are//become a citizen of UW [CiUW], as explained above.

*To help us add you to the number of
votes,  please include the nation you reside//resided in, ie  but do not vote if you//your alter, were ever convicted & still  not pardoned, of any felony, in UW//ONE.