Final Warning (Maybe)

(These pages are written by Gavin Embry [GE]. His life was recently threatened by Pneumonia, which could return...Finally. If so, these additions could be the last, & probably, the only publication of his & possibly only detailed plannings to terminate the fatal threat to human life,  by Global Warming. We shall see.)

This Page was provoked by Baron Forster's remarks on failure to accept his alternative to expanding Heathrow Airport.  I [GE] certainly agree with Forster's airport plan for the next 20 or 30 years, possibly, & certainly to his reaction to general lack of acceptance of any critically needed forward looking plan). However, my planned (Amalric III-based) airport (presented to the Mayor of London-but unread//ignored), very close to the locations of a new airport (in his case, just a better place for giant aircraft continue to land near London). But, my aim was to avoid all giant aircraft landing (or flying over London) by WorldWide air traffic be taken over by Gavin Hawks [GH] (as drones). Thus, air traffic managed by Pilot/Air Traffic Controller [PATC] Operations [PATCO] (initiated in the UK). My proposed Amalric III-based airport, near the airport planned by Baron Forster, should be offshore, nearby on the open sea (requiring no land): But, fleets of my designed Amalric IIIs, for taking off & landings by a new form of drone, advanced autogyros called "Gavin Hawks [GH]" shall carry most WorldWide air traffic passengers. 

Each GH, piloted from the ground (ie equipped to be "drones"), shall carry up to 10 passengers & cargo. Fleets  of up to 500 GH, under 24/7 control of 3 pairs of PATCs, can transport  up to 5k passengers/3-pairs. 

All GH can takeoff & land on 40' circles (planned & authorized in various continents, nations, states & regions). on Amalric III's, or on the surface of water (40' ponds, lakes, rivers & practically any region of open sea) by GHs equipped to be seagoing.

Powering of GH shall be changed (ASAP) from battery electric or fossil fuel to hydrogen, which exhaust pure water, not carbon dioxide [CO2]. [We accept Boeing Aircraft's role that giant aircraft cannot be fuelled other than by kerosene or some version of fossil fuel, ie producing exhaust of carbon dioxide & therefore about 40-to-50% of human's contribution to Global Warming by air traffic passengers on giant aircraft.] So, GE limits the size of GH, for the time being, each to carry 10 or fewer passengers, suitable to powering by hydrogen, only producing exhaust of H2O (causing no Global Warming... ipso facto). 

To support the production of (free, ie pure, not in a compound) hydrogen & limiting needs to commute//use of fossil fuel in cars, + heat, power, cool homes, factories, stores, & establishments led GE to design* of Utopia, Utopian Villages & Project 10 farms (inspired by Maslow in Abu Dhabi).

* Perhaps, also inspired by GE's (equivalent of) earned Master's degree in Emergency Management of the National Economy (from Industrial Collage of the Armed Forces), but GE now extends that education to cover the Earth I (& the Universe), not just one country (from one Allies  war with several other countries): To defend the human race from total extinction from Global Warming. (Ibnlt many other dangers of only one planet's extinction of a life form//extinction of all, at least the one proven intelligent life form on a  single planet). Perhaps, the only intelligent life form [ILF] in the Universe(s) may repeat the colonization of the Old World to the New World, but by homo sapien sapiens on Earth I, to colonize trillions of newly discovered Ex0Earths, on trillions of each of the newly discovered galaxies in the newly discovered Universe(s). 

Ibnlt learning to fly (not just flying around the world, like dinosaurs, who evolved into birds & chickens): More or less instantaneously, flying in outer space. Ibnlt the speed of light (300kps), by learning from extending Einstein's extension of Newton's theory of gravity.