Sir Francis Drake vs. Sir Walter Raleigh
(By G'aven d'Amaury III)

Little or no direct relationship to Gavin Embry, but the likelihood of one or more bastard children of Raleigh, born in Jamestown in early 1600s, could have been a remote ancestors of GE, while certainly GE's tenth Great-Grand-Father Henrie Embrie of Jamestown since 1635 was likely a lot closer. Raleigh* (& his Queen Elizabeth I) were equally very responsible for GE (& his ancestors) ever being "Americans" (& part "Indian", even misnamed by semi-Spanish Columbus** in 1498ad).  King James, whom the town was named after, shared the credit, while also cutting Raleigh's head off, also misnamed by the Spanish.

Drake*** was also misnamed by the Spanish, but not getting him killed by the English (or Scots). Captain (non-Admiral) Cook,**** Drake and GE***** were all mapmakers & Navigators. Drake became (Jr.) Admiral, GE's hero & holder of GE's favorite Coat of Arms.

 Winning & Losing
* Raleigh:
** Columbus
  • Failed in finding India
  • Succeeded by sailing west (instead of east)
  • Succeeded in understanding Earth is as round as a ball
  • Succeeded in finding "New World"; now misnamed America (misnamed after Amerigo Vespucci), now nicknamed "Gaviland', to be called "Continental Ia, Gaviland, United World" [CIGUW] ("Sheegoo")
  • Misnamed the CIGUW natives "Indians"
  • Never realized (nor could have) saved 90% of New World natives (in both North & South CIGUW, from European fatal diseases, (nor King Henry VIII from CIGUW native's syphilis, before penicillin was discovered)
  • Never realized the Jews leaving Spain to escape the Spanish Inquisition (from Cadiz,  while the Nina, Pina & Santa Maria were also leaving town.)
  • Succeeded in becoming correctly called "Admiral"
*** Drake (Non-Duck)
  • Succeeded in finding sufficient Spanish Gold to finance Queen Elizabeth I's [QEI] British defense against the Spanish Armada
  • Succeeded in becoming Second-in-Command, defeating the Spanish Armada
  • succeeded in becoming the second in the World, and first in the World to personally survive sailing Around the World
  • Succeeded in being Knighted by QEI, & not becoming ridiculous  by choosing his motto: "Sic parvis magna",
  • Failing to survive dysentery, off  Nombre de Dios, in Panama. (See GE  below.)
 **** Cook:
  • Succeeded in finding that the Northwest Passage did not exist
  • Succeeded in finding Australia
  • Succeeded in finding New Zealand
  • Succeeded in finding the Sandwich (now Hawaiian) Islands
  • Succeeded in mapping all the areas above & routes there & back
  • Succeeded in finding citrus fruit as the cure of sailor's scurvy
  • Failed to find the (non-existent) Northeast Passage
  • Failed getting appointed as "Admiral" (While in command of several ships)
  • Failed in getting back a boat stolen by thieves & surviving assissins against his getting back a boat stolen by thieves
  • Declined offer to join Medical Corps  
  • Declined offer to join Supply Corps
  • Declined offer to join Judge Advocate Corps (Temporarily recruited)
  • Declined offer to join Army Air Corps
  • Declined offer to join Naval Air Corps
  • Declined offer to join Marine Corps
  • Declined offer to join Coast Guard
  • Declined offer to join Full-Time-Army
  • Declined offer to join Panamanian Secret Service
  • Accepted Missouri State Guard
  • Accepted US Naval V-12
  • Accepted US Naval NROTC
  • Accepted commissions as US Naval Officer; Ensign, LT(jg), LT, LTCDR, (temporary) Acting Commodore
  • Succeeded in finding a successful way of Invading Korea via Inchon, commanding several ships
  • Serving as:
  1. State Guard Corporal (Guidon),  &
On various Naval Ships as:
    1. Captain
    2. Communications Officer
    3. Navigator
    4. Ships Clerk
    5. Wardroom Officer
    6. Education Officer
    7. Chief of Military Police,
    8. Code Clerk, &
  • (Part time army: Co-Pilot, Fighter-Pilot, Glider-Pilot &/or)
  • Government service as
  1. Geodetic Engineer: (GE could not find Drake's body, nor Drake's "lost" treasure, on land, or on the sea floor off Panama Coast(s), anywhere GE looked.
  2. But he did make maps to avoid hitting friends & hitting enemies w/nuclear weapons or ICBM's.
As civilian, in North & South America, Europe, Middle-East & Africa:
  1. Junior Engineer
  2. Senior Engineer
  3. Department Manager (eg MIS, Contracts, Systems & Procedures, Organization Planning, Industrial Engineering & Joint Venture Partnerships)
  4. Chief Engineer
  5. Division Manager
  6. Assistant to the President
  7. Vice President-International
  8. Managing Director
  9. Executive Consultant
  10. President
  11. Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
  12. Co-Owner
  13. Owner.