RDL Extend Marking [RXM]
Initial Marking is extended by RDL to:
  • fire a marker (by a laser beam) of the previously stored identification of a target (seen through telescopes) in
  • attached to the flesh &/or possessions  of the selected target with
  • a record of the exact, criminal charge,  time, identification (such as face & DNA) & location of subject, w/respect to current location of telescope (including but not limited to [ibnlt] programing of locally stored mini-rockets) subject to
  • later firing to reach & destroy the target, if the target is informed to
  • present & surrender
  • to arrest & trial under CUW for felony &
  • target's refuseing presentation &  surrender (within a reasonable and defined number of hours).
If presentation & surrender has been denied by target, & is attempting to flee the range of rocket range, the fired rockets shall intercommunicate renewal of the data, with new DNA & then current location, until
  • the target has been found (& in the process of surrendering)
  • abandoned being sought or
  • designated to terminate, with extreme prejudice, prior to trial & conviction.