Experimental Through the Wormhole [TW]

This Experimental TW Project [XTW] is based on the latest version of 'Through the Wormhole", about controlling the paths of  asteroids to avoid crashing w/Earth I AND capturing and making use of them, including (but limited to) mining them & use to create cities in outer space, plus tethering as artificial Moons.

XTW is an extension of other existing RDL Experimental Projects, including:

much more futuristically, to investigate and exploit the following possibilities:
  • using captured asteroids, populated with live-in, collaborating NanoRobots [NR], super-large (suitable for low gravities) SuperRobots [SR], extra-large ExtraRobots [XR]  & homo sapien sapiens [hss] to design, build & populate
  • major cities as migratory interstellar spaceships called UltraRobot [UR] Interstellar Spaceships [URIS],
  • especially limiting the luck of the draw, by avoiding many risks of hss' total extinction on Earth I (effectively becoming Earth 0).
  • URISs' populations continue to
  • live in, discover & migrate to discovered, possible, Ex0Earth (n)s to
  •  colonize them
  • Reproduce, rebuild and build, as necessary as long as necessary to
  • get there
beyond imagined by 'THROUGH THE WORMHOLE" without
  • only depending on hoping to find any