Experimental Planetary Robot Language [xPRL] [X

Copyright: by Gavin Embry: November 2012ad.

NB: Provisions of this XPRL do not apply to CAPITAL LETTERS in English.

A half-awake Breath Of Thought [ABOT]: A simple, common language is one of THE necessary set of keys: to intelligent life &  FUTURE, & everything for homo sapien sapiens [hss] (Human Intelligent Life Groups [HILG], w/o destructive, linguistic distractions).
This will be a new, common language, for hss + Alters + Robots (collaborating, intercommunicating, organized as groups (w/common language), altogether, called HSS.

GE was inspired by:

  • English, widely understood: But best to avoid wide use to manipulate thought, belief & faith of HSS.
  • Spanish and Japanese romanji, both written highly phonetically &
  • Mark Twain's short story (humorously) to suggest simplifying English.
The result, by GE's nom de plumb (Gaven d'Amaury III), is:
  • Basically English: BUT first eliminating 5 consonants5
  1. "y" by using "i" instead, also
  2. "c" bi "k"
  3. "z" bi "s"
  4. "w" bi "o"
  5. "th" bi "t"
  6. &  20 diphthongic vowels
  7. "ae", "ai", "ao", & "au" bi "a"
  8. "ea", "ei", "eo" & "eu" bi "e"
  9. "ia", "ie", "io" &"iu" bi "i"
  10. "oa", "oe", "oi", & "ou" bi "o"
  11. "ua", "ue", "ui" & "uo", bi "u"
  12. Then eliminate: nonsonded lettrs, praktikli nstresd ltrs & kutn in haf al
  13. dobl lettrs bi te sam singl ltr
  14. otor kapitl ltrs bi lor kas ltrs.
  15. al romn numbrs r replkd bi rbik numrs
  16. eg diphthong is spld & sad bi "dfton"
  17. levn onli 5 vols: "a", "i", "e", "o" & "u". ter sond & r sondd w/onli1-sond ech, alu & onli, as spnsh: lng a, lng i, shrt e, shrt o or lng u.
  18. kapitl ltrs usd onli fr mpornt fras suk as onli usd as akronms [OUA]
  19. finli! te " ' " is strk ot.
  20. fr xmpl, "with" kn bi shrtr bi "o/" & "without" as "o/o/"
sind bi: gavn dmari 3 [gda3].

--tu bi contind: o/mnli, mor XHSS plns, ncludn bt nlimtd to [nbnlt], kretn HILG, XOSTC (OSTC Shirltiti HSS) & XOSUC (OSUC Shirltiti HSS). nbnlt: nbnlt gda3's ge1 faktinl bi, plann HILG --

Please note that my Palindromes are also used by RDL Robots, & Experimental Project 1a.