The shapes of these rooms in any building are initially limited to three regular polyhedrons: cubes [XCW], dodecahedrons [XDW], icosahedrons [XIW] &  spheres [XSW]. All XW are use to display all (or most of) the (acceptable) surroundings of a possible location (of a viewer) imagining to be in (approximately) the center of the XWs' scene. The actually displayed view on the XWs' walls was photographed, or generated from imaginary view(s), or blended with actually previously photographed view(s).

The viewer(s) in any XW room, with their naked eyes (& ears), can be instructed &/or entertained about being in an illusional location he/she may never have occupied nor never occupy. The events displayed may be static or displaying changes in view (or sound), ie video.

Static views can display images based on available scenes from the Internet, or available photographs or video images selected by the viewer. 

Video interaction w/the viewer(s) may be provided, either the users' movement(s), speech(s) (typed or interpreted (or translated) (sent to "actors" for interaction) in one or several locations. 

Obviously, the viewer(s)' use of Ultra Scope Glasses [USG] can use USG to display: These scenes & sound on this XW instead, While also in combination with viewers actually in XW. Users in XW may use USG as well, with scenes on the local XW as well as other XW's & interact among one or more scenarios. 

The various, evolving, improvements & developments (by GE, followers & others) are left to readers' imagination(s), including but not limited to [ibnlt] lifestyles, scenarios, SciFi & WAR.