Experimental Dealing w/Boar Pigs [WABP]

  • Firstly: Calculate the percentage of the likely number (initial estimate by GE: 100 people not to be) 'Useless as a teat on a Boar Pig" [UtBP]; out of current seven billion [b] homo sapien sapiens [hss] on Earth I: 100 / 7 * 1,000,000,000 = 0.0001428% (14.28 out of 1b) &
  • Estimate the number of that percentage of hss still not Dead as a Door Nail [D2N] @ at this point in time, still not likely to die (currently estimated @ 2.1b, from fatal diseases, out of 7b hss) &/or reproduce (surviving to adulthood before becoming seniors), all by 3000ad, over several generations GEN = (3000-2012)/30 = 33. (100*1.1) producing  
    1. the number of adult space migrants  [nASM] +, still young enough & capable of reproduction (1.1%) , (100 * 1.1) & 
    2. senior space migrants [nS2M], all still alive by 3000ad (but, not likely to reproduce), estimated as  50% of nASM. 
    3. Add: nASM + nS2M = SM, then add paid for space immigrators [npSI, to arrive at max hss space traveling SI & SM [mSTIM] to Ex0Earth I. (Some: But not all will be prepared to reproduce the max Space Migrant HSS [mhSM]. 
All estimated to be ready and willing to prepare-for-&-train for space travel in OSTS Shirltiti HSS: From 3000ad till 3012ad, then ready to sail from (near) Earth I, on OSUC Shirltiti HSS, to populate Ex0Earth I's Utopian capital city [Shirltiti-Aten].

 Note: The word "Aten" was the name of the Egyptian Sun God, (Which we now call "Sol") chosen by Nefertiti as the "One & Only GOD" [O2GOD]. Another possibility is, since "Aten" is also the name of several large, near-Earth asteroids. GE is investigating modifying (some) one of them to become  "OSUC Shirltiti HSS". Did O2GOD chose/guide/influence our choice to be  particularly interested in what we still call "Aten"?