Experimental "Useless as teats on a Boar Pig [UtBP]"
Understanding of Kentucky/Tennessee vocabulary, UtBP, is that it never did refer to anybody's knowledge of "actually how many there really are of  teats on a Boar Pig", who may (if he may get out of bed) & may father piglets who may have that same number of teats, & may be able to have piglets w/as many teats, who may be sow piglets who may have more piglets which they may also produce more milk & their their more or less teats may support more or less runts who may be able to suckle, in competition w/bigger pigs, more or less who do not starve and be more or less parents with more or less teats, maybe ad infinatum. But nothing at all related to food energy (for a few males and more females, or to shelter and protection from fatal diseases, can be used to control survival of almost forms of life, on Earth and population of Universe(S). 

With all these may-more-or-lesses in a row, does not prove that form of trickle down is useful: Any less useless, than ECONOMIC  trickle down, to decide whether to vote Republican or Democratic. to control World Economic GNP.

Leave the simple UtBP as TRUE.