Utopian Digital Simulation Games [UDSG]


New Utopian Cities



UDSG is a new kind of game, not only for fun and finding out about new ideas. It is mainly for three different uses:


  • To get real exposure, experience, appreciation and feel for one specific family: But, available to millions of families, living in really new (individual) lifestyles (in RDL's designed) Utopian Cities
  • To explore alternative lifestyle (pattern) alternatives: And, their economic and human welfare outcomes for individual Utopian Cities and associated metropolitan areas
  • To explore the economic and Global Warming outcomes of huge developments of over 900 new Utopian cities (and associated technologies) throughout the World: This includes the survival of species, on Earth, including humans, after species extinction events(similar to asteroid collisions 65 million years ago: But, from absolutely novel causes, and affecting new species, such as homo sapiens).
The reduction of CO2 pollution, currently causing unprecedented Global  Warming (the fundamental inspiration behind RDL's new lifestyles) will reduce: melting ice caps, glaciers, rising sea levels, decreased supplies of  fresh water etc etc.  All these affect species extinctions of animals, plants and sea life, which also affect food supplies in all food chains (including human food chains).


Just the popularization of tobacco (caused local wealth): And, caused and is still causing minor extinctions of human adults, teenagers and children. The impact of an asteroid in Mexico caused a complete extinction of dinosaurs (except the mobile, flying ones) (and increased opportunities for evolution of mammals). That was less drastic than the popularization of burning fossil fuels [FF] (causing local wealth): And, is still causing CO2's major air pollution produced in human homes, factories, vehicles, airplanes, food production, War, and production of electricity. This effect on human species extinction will be major. Almost certainly, the increased opportunity of evolution of novel species will also result. (Comment: It is still uncertain what caused the dominance of modern homo sapiens over Neanderthals, and the latter's contemporary, total extinction.)


The application of UDSG, will deal with all the concerns discussed above, especially the influence of RDLs new lifestyles, in connection with: Home life, working life; education, study and learning; local and long distance travel; defence and migration. Obviously, this will include the nature and degree in happiness, health, lifespan, risk of death and injury, survival; and economic welfare and progress.


These  UDSG, computer based games. enable millions of people to  experience living and working in Utopian Cities such as Utopia Alpha, near London, Utopia Beta, near La Jolla CA, and Utopia Gamma, near San Francisco CA, but extended (over the next 21 years) to up to 900 new Utopian Cities, in most countries: Before, these cities have actually been built. sold and dwelled in.



Many different aspects of living in Utopian Cities are represented, eg:

  •     Living as a member of a family: ie a father, mother, son, daughter, student, partner, (pet?) or guest-in-the-house
  •     Working at home, in a factory or shop nearby, traveling to meet and deal with people, or communicating with people over the Internet, instead, or some combination of both
  •     Learning at home via the Internet, or traveling to a local school, or living in a more distant University
  •     Travel on roads on bicycles, on hydrogen fueled [HF] vehicles, or
  •     in the air on HF Gavin Hawk aircraft, instead of fossil fueled [FF] airplanes
  •     Being protected by a GiaBat at home, or traveling on land, or protected by GiaBat(s) plus armed SuperGiaBats
  •     avoiding use of FF, using HF in homes, factory and shop, and vehicle and Gavin Hawk, reduces family CO2 pollution by 90%. and stops contribution to Global Warming
  •     Against War and Global Warming, combines military technology and civilian technology (especially, transport etc etc) and supports defense against warmongers, terrorists and armed criminals and Global Warming
  •     Lowering CO2 pollution, and increases in Global Warming protects against floods, violent storms, depletion of fresh water. raising sea levels etc etc
  •     Providing generation of hydrogen on (or near) home roofs, using. electricity generated on homeroofs (in addition to city based electricity generation, especially during construction of cities) for hydrolysis of water, eliminates most of the cost (several trillion dollars) for distribution of HF for vehicles and aircraft.

The game simulates the lifestyle as realistically as possible, based on:

  • the technology possible immediately (or chosen by the gamer, within the next five to ten years)
  • the character(s) of family member(s) as chosen by the gamer(s): IQ(s), taste(s). talent(s), ambition(s), sexual orietation(s), etc etc.
  • Projects planned by RDL, now or in the future including, but not limited to: Project 9: Science of Food [SoF].
  • projections of RDL'a Business Plans, Product Plans, knowledge of characters, personalities;  effects of changes in age, education levels, buying habits, prices etc etc.

UDSG works in three different levels:

  • The Family level by day-to-day simulation, weekly, monthly, yearly or by decades
  • At Utopian City level with overall averages at time periods
  • By Worldwide level in similar periods,

Obviously, UDSG can be used to learn about and  apply (practically, and the probable):

  • individual and family happiness of adopting new lifestyles afforded by the technology (of specific Utopian cities), and following lifestyles, customs and practices
  • overall Utopian City, country and Worldwide economic outcomes controlled by characteristics (say, voting) of residents of specific Utopian cities and
  • Global Warming, climatic, sea levels, availability of fresh water etc etc outcomes, controlled by various number of, sizes, locations, configurations etc etc of Utopian cities