Experimental Teleportation of Books [TB]

(Shirl's books)



Specifically, I am concerned with comparing 1) using a $699 Apple iPad 3 or:

  • a 53mm (diagonally) screen, such as on my $350 LG Monitor or
  • on my $600 MacMini (total $950) with two pages side by side. to
  • a child learning to love to learn to read in his/her native language and/or
  • 2) an older person learning to read a foreign language.

In both cases: 1) and 2), the reader being able to have two pages of one of Shirl's books either

  • on the iPad (switchable vocally or touching a key) or
  • side-by-side on the LG Monitor  and
  • 3) able to listen to a highlighted word, sentence, paragraph,  page or chapter read to him/her in their chosen 3a) native or
  • chosen 3b) foreign language. With or
  • without one (or two) chosen pages being displayed to be readable at the same time.

This will be added to RDL's Project Experimental TB,  for teaching reading,  with three parts:

  • Selecting initially acceptable hardware with available programs and Aps.
  • Selecting and testing improvements in using distribution of eBooks, vs printed versions of Shirl's books, when used to teach reading.
  • Programming the features described above and distributing along with Shirl's books.

Shirley Goulden, and her books are the stars of this Experimental TB Project  because:

  • the object is to distribute her books throughout the Universe(s) as basic literature used to teach intelligent beings to love learning to read and loving to read
  • her ashes shall be superpositioned, with  the two parts separated to form the terminals for teleportation of her books, as much as possible [AMAP] instantaneously, and as
  • English and  AMAP in all languages of Earth I and (Exo)Earth (n)s
  • throughout the Universe(s).
RDL has chosen Shirl's books as the initial Experimentally Teleported Books as they were originally developed by Shirl as suitable for children (and equally so for adults). And, as sourced in most cases from non-English Language cultures, they would introduce children to English text and a variety of non-English texts. As it turned out, they are also uniquely suitable to be reverse translated back to their original languages.