Experimental States of United World [XSUW]

REFERENCE: United World Foundation [UWF]  

There are several critical issues in:

  • founding United States of the World [UW]
  • registering Citizens of UW [CiUW], in addition to citizenship of other nations on Earth [ONE] [CiONE]
  • founding of XSUW, the 
    1. sequence & 
    2. order: & XSUW
    3. w/sole CiUW &/or 
    4. joint citizenships of CiUW & CiONE [JCi]
    1. sole XSUW &/or [//]
    2. joint States of ONE [SONE] & Experimental States of UW  [XJSUO]//
    3. Joint XSUW & SONE [JSUO].
  • holding elections of President [PUW]//other officers of UW [OUW] for voters of CiUW, including but not limited to [ibnlt] also choosing to be:
    1. one or more sole State(s) of UW [SUW]//XJSUO//JSUO.
    2. If not passed, remaining as XSUW & SONE.
Specifically as of 18th Mar 2016ad : the following XSUWs have hereby been established in the following order by orders by (alter PUW [APUW]) APUW GE, in the specified geographical areas listed below:
  • Washington DC (the former district of USA) as an XSUW & [W2DSU]
  • Republic of Panama
    1. the former Panama Canal Zone &
    2. Province of Darien
    1. Cuidad de Shirltiti
    • USA
      1. Oregon State [OR]
      2. Washington State [WA]
      3. Alaska State [AS] & (combined with:
    • Canada
      1. British Columbia &
      2. Yukon.) 
      1. Shirltiti City (The proposed Summer Capitol of UW [SCUW].)