Experimental Survival of Life [eSL]

The objective of eSL's Survival of Life, mainly for mammals, especially including homo sapien sapiens [hss] and especially from conception. This RDL Experimental Project [EP], eSL, depends largely on "Association", with:

earlier than expected, not normal "old-age", but associated with
which users can find, detect, and provide for, reduction of infection, and other effects of deadly causes, by use (directly)  to avoid death from

The role of eSL is to:

  • associate with existing research, to assist and learn from, and
  • promote methodologies by RDL Experimental Projects and RDL Major Project's products and
  • especially users of such products to find and use ways to support eSL including but not limited to changing "eSL" to fully developed Saving Lives "[SL]".