Experimental Robot Telescope [RT]

Add this idea to RT's search and application goals: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=kepler-exomoons-hek&WT.mc_id=SA_CAT_SPC_20120209

Work will start on designing a stream-lined version of the pick-up-truck-bed [PUTB] for this, on the Lola LMP2 Lola for Le Mans race car. This year (2012ad) I (GE) will build it, fitted to sleep in overnight, built & tested (possibly) in the Great House double garage in Grants Pass OR.

Next year, RDL will design 20" Telescope enclosures for Robot Telescopes [RT] to be driven to the tops of WorldWide Mountain Tops on PUTMs (or, of course, picked up from the top of the LMP2 from a convenient location, by small, high-altitude helicopters,or Gavin Hawks & delivered to the mountain top.) This time, called Robot Telescope PUTM [RTPM].

Various versions of RTPMs, as follows:

  • RTPM1 1: Designed to extend four legs, allowing the Lola to drive away, forming a roof for tented-enclosed-overnight-cooking-sleeping at the floor level and test controls for the RT by remote-telescope-observer [RTO]. Before driving away in the Lola the RTO may expand the location for weekly, monthly or several months residence and use the area as a Project 10 farm for him/herself and a small family as a main home,  secondary home or farm location, worked on from time to time.
  • RTPM2: Designed to extend four legs, allowing the Lola to drive away, form a roof for tented overnight cooking and sleeping at the floor level and testing control of the RT by the RTO. After driving away in the Lola the RTO can operate the RT from the Lola or any home or PUTB he/she wants to work from.
  • RTPM3: Designed to be transported to a mountain top & extend its four legs, allowing the transporter to drive/fly away, leaving a roof for tented overnight cooking, sleeping at the ground level & testing control of the RT as the RTO. After driving/flying away the RTO can operate from any home or PUTB he/she wants to work from.  

Obviously, non-resident RTOs [NRTO] and/or delegates [DRTO] may revisit RTPMs for maintenance & removal or replacement from time to time, via Lolas or other transport.

The initial & most likely goals of RTPMs shall be as described below:

  1. love to learn to read English to
  2. read her books to any intelligent life forms they run across.
  • BTW2: Whatever God who created Earth I, & hss, will be proud of what He did, and want to reward Shirl for having this idea & giving it to GE .
  • New versions of PUIBs when & where not used as ROTPUTMs, are; http://www.supercars.net/cars/4986.html
    The bottom half of a pick-up-truck [B1/2PUT], as close as possible [ACAP] to this, w/some versions of Beds [PUTB]. Each version is for Experimental RTs or:
  • two to camp overnight in a tent, or
  • carry up to four passengers as comfortable as a taxi, or
  • have a crossway bed also useful to sit in & watch GSDS &/or eat a meal.
.All versions W/four legs to be extendable & used to form roof of area below for an en-closeable area for sleeping, cooking & eating, anywhere where parking a car to sleep in would be permitted. In this case, the Lola would be used (& when not in use) parked in an accessible area.