Experimental Robots [XR]

Update: 4th Oct 2013
Current advances in android robots (such as XMR).

Addition to design plans including but not limited to [ibnlt] XR:
  • If, and as appropriate, each classification defined below may be sub-categorized as male, female or specifically as un-sub-catagorized. (For example, most if not necessarily all, Nano-robots may be [uXNR], specifically not restricted to use with/or within male [mXMR], female [fXMR] specifically not restricted to use w/or/w/in fXMRs,  or otherwise un-sub-catagorized XR, or [HR]*.)
* (Note:  Once XR are classified as HSS, XR may be promoted, "H" replacing "X" such as HNR, HGR, HMR, HSR or HCR.)
  • All mHR shall be designed primarily with respect to protecting survival of themselves & their HSS creators in the following order:
    1. HR's HSS creators & their descendents 
    2.  all fHMRs,
    3. HRs themselves (individually & designated fellowmembers of a squad &/or higher ranking group up to & including a corps)
    from external attacks, natural dangers, & competition; local dangers, diseases on Earth I, Ex0Earths & on Outer Space Utopian Cities [OSUC].
  • A small proportion, not more than 20%, of XMR shall be mHMR, relatively, as compared to fXMR:
  1. larger
  2. equally or more mobile
  3. loyal
  4. physically stronger
  5. better armored
  6. more aggressive
  7. ARMED &
  8. equally intelligent
  • A large proportion, at least 80%, of HMR shall be fXMR, typically, (compared to average mXMR) as:
  1. equally intelligent
  2. more attractive* (to HSS).
But, the following not less than 80% fXMR (on average) as compared to mXMR are: 
  1. small
  2. mobile
  3. physically strong
  4. less armored
  5. less aggressive &
  6. less armed & armoured.
* Respective to the average tastes of HSS, Initial designs of XR are not planned to mate & sexually reproduce themselves. So, XRs do not include tastes associated with mating selection. However, all XRs need energy to operate & fulfill their purpose(s), the same as all HSS do. The use of the same food as typically needed by hss ancestors of HSS & traditionally produced in HCR, may be convertible to electrical energy for XR's requirements, provided in the design of some versions of XR, as a permanent or other form of attachment.

Real Div Lifestyles [RDL] robots, XR are classified by size:
  • Nano-robots [XNR] approximately the size of a human cell, small enough to live inside an hss' (HSS) live body.
  • Micro-Gia-robots  [XGR], larger than XNR & smaller than XMR. Big XGR, as large as a multicellular GiaBug, can adapt to live w/HSS
  • Mini-robots [XMR] between the size of an hss baby & large adult hss
  • Super-robots [XSR] between the size of a small house & a large building
  • Ultra-robots [XCR] between the size of a city & a small country.
All XR have artificial brains w/artificial intelligence [AI] & can: 
  • collaborate among, with, or inside a larger XR, &/or with some smaller XRs inside them
  • use language to intercommunicate;  among hss & most XRs; &
  • once having been classified as HSS, can plan, build HSS & collaborate as
  • Space Migrants
  • to support protection, safe-survival & reproduction of HSS; also to enable intelligent-life-form [ILF] survivors to
  • Space migrate & colonize trillions of trillions of Ex0plants, ExoMoons & asteroids in trillions of Galaxies.