Experimental Rocket Launcher [XRL]
Micro-mini-robots  [XM2R], larger than XNR & smaller than XMR, big as a multicellular bug, can live w/humans, & can also kill humans but only if permitted by law. RDL's XM2R Rockets fired by XRL are a combination of:
  • Fuel
  • Nozzle
  • Ignitor
  • Camera
  • chemicals &/or explosives
  • a multicellular,  intelligent, collaborative brain, w/ability to 
    1. receive & understand the XRL's owner's brain's 
    2. desire to hit its intended target
    3. recognize the target, receive it's own & the target's GPS locations, launch itself, guide it (four dimensionally, including time) to strike the target's GPS
    4. only after it compares the intended target to its training of legal targets & decides to launch. If not a legal target*, launching will be blocked, requesting user's clarification. 
If not clarified, launch is blocked: Until, an acceptable combination of target & XM2R are available on XRL are true. Once true, XRL's owner's option is to launch at stored target's GPS, or relocate a target to find a true & possible within GPS range, to launch against. 
  • XRLs (with or without suitable XM2Rs available for launch) permit simulation to determine & communicate to XRL's owner acceptable (& intended) targets & possible XM2R, will be possible to launch. For example, non-lethal versions of  XM2R may be launched, if lethal versions are not, depending on qualifications & training by & for owner & available XM2R plus nature of targets intended & legally allowed.
  • XRLs can be provided in various versions &  may be adapted by owners to encourage use without disturbing bystanders. The user may judge whether discourage criminals or risk warning them of potential arrest by users w/available XM2R.
  • Legal instruction of available XM2R with regard to permitted use are based on the Constitution of United World [CUW], whereas some secret details are not made available to criminals (to use available XM2R as threatening weapons, or avoid law enforcement).
* For example, the XM2R user, user's family & anyone &/or anything XM2R has been trained to avoid launching against is never a true target nor be launched against, by any XRL.