Experimental Robot-Gavin-HAL [RGH]

Bicycle region.
Firstly: Let's get started on setting up a company (sole trader or corporation) and plan* for:

  • production of 10 initial "GGG** zoom-bikes" [G3], of Gavin II's design, this year (2012), followed by
  • a business plan for three more years (2013, 2014, and 2015) production of larger quantities and improved versions of G3s, (This "G3" is based on Gavin I, Gavin II and that other Gavin who is best on racing bikes if he lets us use his name. If not we will call the bikes and firm GG, or G2.
  • including but not limited to seeking a government (or any other) grant to launch this firm.

Secondly, let's contact the Japanese HAL robo-suit company to work out collaboration on the design of their (powered***) suit with G
3 bike(s), so they can be used to race (in Para-Olympics) for people of any degree of disability, and for use on roads and most private, internal or external spaces. (I will tune the system(s), enter, and win, the Para-Olympics, in 2018. If I do not live that long, Gavin II can win, if he breaks a leg first.)

* This plan will start with using a new double-garage to build the first 10 bikes (like the Auto Union built the first DKW Monzas of 10 {one of which GE owned} designed to break:

  1. the World's speed record for 24-hours with 2-stroke DKW engines, in Monza, and
  2. to kick off Audi Cars, successfully,

in both cases).
** After the first 10 G3s, additional bikes will be adapted to carry people with disability, or not,   themselves carrying robo-suits, or not.
*** Our G
3 firm, will modify the robo-suits to use electric motors and hydrogen fuel cells (and/or batteries charged in from house or car connections or depending on hydrogen fuel cells [HFc]).

BTW: This makes possible Zero-CO
2 transportation by almost anybody, almost everywhere, and we can use this work to publicize everything we are trying to do to stop Global Warming and help people with any disability. Plus available for use in specially designated and adapted area, such as:http://www.ecogeek.org/efficiency/3541
Another policy to consider: 

  1. Over the next three years 2012 to 2014: To adapt HAL and G3 robo-bikes to be controlled and operated exclusively (or not exclusively, but in collaboration with riders and users) by PATCO and Project 1, over a diameter of 50 miles, each. Then, during 2015 expanded to PATCO and MH and/or Mother Hawks over a diameters of 50-up-to-200 miles each.

Also, up to 2015 a new project will be developed to create and produce the specific software and  hardware adapted to equip, temporarily or permanently disabled, or not, war fighters, or not: in collaboration with adapted HALs and G
3 bikes to fight (and win) on land and sea, and/or to operate without users.

In an exofuture, coordinated exo
HAL and exoRGH (G3 robo-bikes) will be adapted to operate on exoplanets, ExoMoons, exoasteroids, and ExoEarths ,  with or without human users (perhaps assisted by HAL equipped EXOROBOTS, which are not plugged into a wall sockets and used to build exocars).