Experimental Projects  [XP]

In general, most RDL's Major Projects (and More Projects) [RMP] require  XPs to design, build and test (small scale & small sized) prototypes [S4P], used to choose the best technology to include as new  products. As of now (November 2012) the following XPs are planned (In alphabetical, not in importance, nor chronological, order) :

  • ALAP-FF Experimental Electric Bicycle (100% electrically powered w/as little as possible [ALAP] fossil fuel [FF] bicycle.) [Hint: the "-" means "Maybe NOT"]
  • ANR Experimental (Advanced Nano, Micro, Mini, Super & Ultra Robot Technologies.)
  • ASvEE Experimental (Advanced Shirley vE. Embry Systems)
  • Bug Experimental (GiaBug)
  • CCC Experimental (Communications, Command and Control Systems.)
  • CE5SM Experimental Collaboration E5 Space Migration [XE5SM]
  • CP   Experimental (Children's Power Systems)
  • DI Experimental (Disruptive Innovations)
  • Experimental New Products
  • Glass Houses Experimental (Mini-Utopian-Village, made from sand, on or near a sandy beach, including but not limited to [ibnlt] Experimental Robots)
  • GSDS Experimental (Gavin and Shirley's Distribution Systems.)
  • H2 Experimental  (H2 powered Gavin Hawk's Systems.)
  • H23WAC H2-(hydrogen fuel cell powered)-3-Wheeled-Air- Chair Systems
  • HAL  Experimental  (ExoSkeleton Suit Systems.)
  • HAP  Experimental (Gavin Hawks AutoPilot Systems.)
  • HT Experimental (Health Tracking Systems.)
  • JS Experimental (Use Jet Streams for energy.)
  • MG Experimental (Mush-Gate Plan to reward FWSM.)              
  • eMH Experimental (Mother Hawk and ePATCO Systems.)
  • MVFS Experimental (Male vs. Female Sex Reproduction.)
  • NR Experimental (Nano-robots dwelling in & supporting Human Race.
  • OUW Experimental (Organization of United World Government [XOUW], especially ibnlt/binding treaties w/Other Nations on Earth [ONE].)
  • Project 1a Experimental (Outer Space Traveling City [OSTC],)
  • RGH Experimental (Robot-Gavin-HAL Systems.)
  • RHAL Experimental (Rethink HAL Suit System.)
  • RT R Experimental (Robot Telescopy System.)
  • SLS Experimental (Super Light Speed Travel.)
  • SOL Experimental (Save Human Life from Extinction on Earth I.)
  • TB Experimental (Teleporting of Books.)
  • TW Experimental (Modified: Asteroids + Humans + Alters + Robots, to design & create Outer Space Utopian Cities [OSUC].)
  • UtBP Experimental (Useless as a teat on a Boar Pig.)
  • UWF United World Foundation {about Experimental [X] United World [UW] ("X") Nations, States of UW, Presidents of UW [APUW], Senators & Representatives [RSUW], including UW elections & International Treaties [IT] w/all-other-Nations-on-Earth [ONE][AITUW] dealing w/becoming non-Xs}
  • VSP Experimental (Very Special Pages, for local readers of local language CPBs, distributed locally, to find & use local sources of diagnoses & cures of local cancers & fatal diseases.)
  • WABP Experimental (Dealing w/UtBP [WABP].)
  • XHSS Experimental (Fully coordinated: people, alters & advanced robots collaborated to FWSM on Earth I + migrate to populate unlimited Ex0Planets &/or Ex0Moons.)

Typically, XPs will be started as firms with one top manager & a small staff, with as small & soon as possible [AS2AP] fund (=< $100,000/ea) to plan operations, equip & staff each firm, initially. AS2AP practically expanding operation for larger scales, mass productions, & more prototype products. Such firms may each be replaced by Replacement Corporation(s) [RC] organized by G&S d'Amaury Direct [GSAD] (or by GSAD's own RC): Such RCs shall operate until mass production is planned & organized to be carried out by existing (or new) RCs for 
RDL Major Project Launches [RMPL] (or its RC), normally the RCs related to  the RMPLs.

(For example: XP
H2 builds & tests experimental prototypes of :