Experimental Outer Space Travel City [OSTC]
(By Gavin Embry)

Addendum (by GE: 14th Mar 2013):
Based on SA Report on grafting of human brain cells to mice, now proven, to increase mouse intelligence. 

GE extends that idea to be developed by this Project 1a; to graft human brain cells, (including but not limited to [ibnlt] spoken languages, reading, writing & arithmetic); to (already, more intelligent than mice) brains: 
  • (domesticated) animal brains, such as ibnlt 
    1. Cats
    2. Dogs
    3. Birds
    4. Pigs
    5. Cows
    6. Horses 
    7. Donkeys &
    8. Monkeys etc 
  • (domesticable) mammal brains  ibnlt
    1. Pandas
    2. Bears
    3. Dolphins
    4. Seals
    5. Leopards
    6. Tigers
    7. Lions
    8. Apes etc

Addendum (by GE: 10th Feb 2013): 
Location of the first OSTC is changed to Panama Bay, by Unified World Foundation [UWF], including but not limited to [ibnlt] a State of United World [SUW]  (Replacing the former Panama Canal Zone), & the first SuperSkyUtopia (called: "Cuidad de Shirltiti"). With timing resolved to agree with speeding up its launch by 750 years, ie by 2263ad. 

Addendum (By GE: 5th October 2012ad): Interrelated to RDL Project 1, is Experimental Project 1a, which ONE; somewhat special, Earth-I-based version of Utopia, to be developed & used by Space Migrants to live in.

The primary purpose of this first Outer Space Travel City [OSTC] is to familiarize future Space Migrants [SM] ( + Space Immigrants [SI]), their descendants & alters* for living, (surviving), operating & traveling: aboard  various (newly TO BE discovered & modified
asteroid-based) Outer Space Utopian Cities [OSUC].

The first planned OSUC, is "OSUC Shirltiti HSS", scheduled to be built within:
  • a newly discovered, large "Aten" asteroid,  
  • moved to near Earth I, then 
  • planned & modified 
  • to be occupied by 2248ad, for training & "bedding-in" by Space Migrants [SM] (& Space Immigrants) until 2263ad
  • 1st January 2263ad, christened as "OSUC Shirltiti HSS", & launched from (near) Earth I, bound for RDL-selected, planned & routed-to prospective:
 Ex0Earth I.

Meanwhile, Earth-based OSTC shall, by or before 2020ad be: 
  • planned + location planned
  • constructed
  • prepared for occupation by RDL's selected
  • Ideal Customers, also RDL's-selected
  • SMs & SIs to
  • survive, reproduce & be associated w/alters*
  • learning & teaching in OSTC for
  • survival, reproduce & associate w/alters
  • in OSUC, including but not limited to OSUC Shirltiti HSS,
  • Until 2261ad
  • After which, many more OSTCs shall have been created to support many more OSUCs.
For 1,000 years, after 2261ad, the roles of OSTC (RDL Project 1a) shall have its targets reallocated: to prepare SMs & SIs for occupation(s) of other (new, perhaps novel) versions of OSUCs, scheduled to be launched to travel to other (new, perhaps novel) destinations to other (new, perhaps novel) Ex0Earth (n)s.
* Please note:
Alters (new, perhaps novel) "personalities", prepared to intercommunicate, & COLLABORATE, INTELLIGENTLY  among 200m Earth-based, & additional, descendants, space-based:
  • 200k HSS Alters (including 75% as various forms & sizes of HR robots) &
  • occupying 1k UltraRobots [UR] HSSs (similar to OSUC Shirltiti HSS)
  • totaling: 200m Alters, as Space Migrants colonizing the Milky Way Galaxy.