Experimental Organization of United World [UW) Government [XOUW]

(XOUW was founded & declared by GE on 17th Sept 2012ad, & revised on 13rd Feb 2013)
  • The current provisions of the Constitution of the USA shall be adopted as much as possible in the Constitution of UW [CUW]: With the specific exclusion of such Amendments which preventing running for election or holding office by persons not born in the USA, nor born in any specific nation whatever.  

In addition:
  • The senior officer of XOUW is the Alternate President of United World [UW]/[PUW]/[APUW] as defined in the Constitution  of United World [CUW]. GE declares himself to be APUW, & Officer in Charge [OC] of  as of the above date, until he or another person has been elected & taking office as President of  UW [PUW]. 

  • The CUW shall be declared by APUW &, once declared, are only subject any change(s) to Amendment (2 to n)s, by 66.66667%, or more, of the CUW's defined voters of Citizens of United World [CiUW], by periods also defined in CUW. Once CUW has been declared, no further changes, later declared in XOUW, shall be valid.

  • The provisions of this document, XOUW, are included in CUW before declared by GE. Provisions hereof, not already incorporated in the CUW by the time CUW has been declared, shall be considered to be the 1st Amendment of CUW [1ACUW]. Any inconsistency or conflict(s) between the CUW and 1ACUW, or any (n)ACUW, the nACUW shall govern & conflicting or conflicting provisions of CUW shall be invalid and shall  always be considered as  invalid ex post facto

Organization of XOUW

   2 DEPUTY PUWs [DPUW]-----I ------2 VICE PUWs [VPUW] 
         I                           I                             I
                                                       VOTERS [CiUW]   VOTERS [CiUW]   VOTERS [CiUW]               
Two DPUWs, 1st & 2nd rank DPUWs [1DPUW]/[2DPUW] are appointed by APUW &/or PUW, in advance of becoming  APUW or PUW, both DPUWs w/assigned independent areas of responsibility, subject to direction of the PUW for the term of the appointing PUW's service:
  • 1DPUW includes, in addition to 1DPUW's assigned responsibilities, is also MS, & Secretary of Military Treaties [SMT] w/USA &/or Other Nations on Earth [ONE]: Provided that by agreement between 1DPUW & PUW may appoint Deputy Secretary of MS [DMS] & Deputy Secretary of SMT [DSMT]
  • 2DPUW includes, in addition to 2DPUW's assigned responsibilities, is also CS & Secretary of Civil Treaties[SCT] w/USA &/or ONWs: Provided that by agreement between  2DPUW & PUW may appoint Deputy National Civil Secretary [DNCS] & Deputy  Secretary of Civil Treaties[DSCT]  
  • both 1st & 2nd rank DPUWs including but not limited to [ibnlt] assumption of a vacated office of PUW or another 1st or 2nd rank DPUW, in the event of death, disability or resignation of either DPUW or PUW,  or discharge & replacement by the  appointing PUW or former DPUW or VPUW legally assuming the vacated office of PUW or APUW.
  • Each DPUW shall nominate a Vice President as appointment of his successor ASAP, subject to approval of current PUW, with the same responsibility that the respective  DPUW has, for any reason, vacated
  • 1st DPUW & 2nd DPUW are (in numerical) order to assume office, as PUW, in numerical sequence, in advance of Vice Presidencies of UW [VPUW].

Two VPUWs, 1st & 2nd rank VPUWs [1VPUW]/[2VPUW] are appointed by  the APUW, a candidate for PUW, or a current PUW, in advance of  anyone  becoming PUW, & appointed VPUWs as potential DPUWs have been assigned independent areas of responsibility, subject to direction of the PUW for the term of the appointing PUW's service:
  • including but not limited to assumption of a vacated office of PUW or another 1st or 2nd rank VPUW, in the event of death, disability or resignation of a VPUW or PUW,  or discharge & replacement by the  appointing PUW or former DPUW or VPUW legally assuming the vacated office of an Officer of UW [OUW]. 
  • A 1VPUW & 2VPUW are, in order to assume office (immediately on loss of an Officer of UW [OUW] as a 1VPUW, 2DPUW, 1DPUW, APUW OR PUW in numerical sequence.


MC is solely & exclusively responsible for military justice, including but not limited to [ibnlt]: detection, prosecution, trial, conviction, sentencing, & punishment, in connection with possible criminal acts:
  •  by UW military personnel, or members of their families, accused of criminal acts, against any
  1. person
  2. person's rights
  3. property on Earth or in outer space, &
  • by all other non-UW-military  persons accused of criminal acts against UW military personnel, members of their families, their rights or their property on Earth or in outer space.
MCUW is also solely & exclusively responsible for legal execution of persons on Earth &/or in outer space, ibnlt capital crimes ibnlt detection, prosecution, trial (w/or/w/o the presence of the accused convict at their trial & sentence), conviction, sentencing, & punishment, including possible execution, in connection with mass murder by & against persons on Earth, or in outer space, with this following exception: Crimes by or against recognized military personnel, exempt from these provisions, by at least a valid treaty between the UW, USA &/or recognized ONE, based on war-in-process, following  declaration of war by UW or a recognized ONE. Such exempt military personnel, otherwise exempt, who deliberately place non-military personnel in danger of death in order too avoid military force by an opponent in war, are considered and declared non-exempt, forever thereafter.

  • any person accused of planning & killing, successfully or not, up-to five-or-more persons &
  • any group of one or more persons accused of planning & killing, successfully or not, of up-to ten-or-more persons
are subject to military justice under these provisions.

Execution is limited to UW conviction & sentencing within seven days of convening trial. If  convicted & sentenced-to-death criminals [CSDC] by a Chief Judge of UW's MC  [CJMC], are executed by a firing squad or drone, ASAP, normally within 24 hours of CSDC.

Confiscation of property &/or funds owned by CSDC & felons, convicted by MC, may be carried out by CJMC, in the case CSDC or not, in order to finance overall costs of MC. 


All SCUW Judges [JSCUW] are all appointed for life by an active PUW, unless discharged by mutual agreement of  the current Supreme Judge of UW [SJUW] & the current PUW, or jointly by current PUW & proposed discharged JSCUW &/or the JSCUW's legal representative, who can also be the current APUW or PUW.

The APUW &/or PUW shall appoint the SJUW  & also Secretary of Law [SL], both for life, but excluded from also simultaneously serving as an DPUW. In general terms, CUW avoids infiltration of one profession by a similar but not closely related profession, such as politics by professional lawyers, or engineering by professional marketeers. The blending of understanding of physics (why) and engineering (how) sometimes provides better designs: But, suppressing engineering by artists & marketeers create(s)  global disaster(s).

On a trial basis (by APUW &/or PUWs), UW (classified as) lawyers are forbidden to run for election as  Officers of UW [OUW}s, or serving as presidents of higher education organizations  and principals of grade schools & higher schools: except, specifically & especially for teaching Law,  Civil Police, Civil Judges & Criminal Investigations. But, generally, students and teachers are encouraged to switch places & blend (except sexually). Lawyers expect selection and promotion by superior lawyers and judges, but not by parents, grandparents, close relatives, church associates or common supporters & believers in or for religious cults. Law is closely related to justice, tolerance and mutual respect, as opposed to control by the few, of the many.