I, Gavin Embry (also writing as G.Haven d'Amaury III) am looking for collaborators, to:

  • finance launch of Children's Power [CP], earning up-to-$500m, distributing my 50 up-to 550+ eBook and audio book titles [CPB], on the Internet, WorldWide, in (at least) eleven languages, including 550 special pages on helping diagnose  & treat  cancer, near CPB reader's residences (possibly saving 240,000 lives/yr)
  • (Initially, one or more supporters, applying to Bill & Malinda Gates Foundation to help finance launch of CP) &
  • finance launch of Experimental Projects to develop &
  • finance launch of my Major Projects to 
  • reduce increases in Global Warming =< 2 degrees C
  • reducing cost of producing  Tons of CO2, by $90,000 per person/year
  • by at least 80m people on Earth.
If you forgot/forget all of that. I shall propose:
  • at least five (probably-non-patented) products; for sale WorldWide, in stores (preferably grocery, variety & general stores) to chose among: 
  1. Product to purify water
  2. Product to prepare food flavoring w/local sources of necessary vitamins & minerals for families, especially including mothers & children
  3. Ditto, but not normally free or cheaply available from local sources
  4. Product(s) to disinfect, diagnoses, cure & protect against local diseases such as cancer and other local fatal diseases
  5. Product to be decided
  • two home products, to be sold & distributed only via the Internet:
    • Product to be decided
    • Product to be decided &
  • Two products for wearing, walking or riding around
    1. Experimental MG - Named for Mush-Gato, Captain of + USS Gato class submarine and
    2. Experimental  RHAL - Early, HAL suit for protection but no power, to walk, bicycle, skate, ski, snow-board etc: &/or avoid falling down, being struck, shot, collided with; prior to launching RHAL w/powered limbs & Brain Support-Attachment [BSA] (see attached).
to consider by the end of December 2012ad, to make it possible for sale by Mid-2013ad.