Experimental vs Female Sex [XvFS]
(Initially, Male Mammals Only [MMO}.)
(Created and administered by Real Div Lifestyles [RDL].)
  • XvFS Stage 1: (Research Only.  But, taking advantage of  Conumism's A+Ms.) Including & not limited (on Earth) to:
    • "Versions (and variations) of A+M, A-M, and C+M could be planned, created & provisions for inheritance by descendants, associates and descendants of associates to live as:
    •  A+M, a short term (For all the  above, which led/leads to: Tribal Chiefs, Associated tribes, Super Chiefs, State Governors, National Presidents, Barons, Counts, Dukes, Princes, Kings and Emperors of Empires; under Single-Male-Rule-Foundation [SMRF] Rulers [SMRFR] to establish, guide and control all the above, to support the  SMRFR they created and passed on to their descendant hss (mostly exclusively mhss) as their “God-Authorized”) successive SMRFRs: and associated SMRFRs."
  • XvFS Stage 2: (Based on results of Stage 1.) Consideration by RDL, promoting & causing passing of various Constitutions, Constitutional Amendments & general Treaties [CAT] of the United States of America [USA], United World [UW], Other Nations on Earth [ONE]: dealing with preventions of fathering, transmission of cancer, other diseases & mental or physical defects such as WorldWide, by individual, male homo sapien sapiens [mhss], by:
  1. castration
  2. circumcision
  3. vasectomy (severing vas defernus)
  4. drug treatments
  5. condoms
  6. scaring or tattoo marks
  7. periodical physical examinations & treatments, &
  8. additional CAT established means and methods
all, but solely, based on sentence. after conviction, by jury, of violation of local Constitutional national, felony law. 
  • XvFS Stage 3: (Based on CATs) Experimental CAT Projects [XCP(n)] organized and controlled by RDL, connected with perfection of enforcement and intended results, specified by CATs.
  • XvFS Stage 4: (Based on results of Stage 3.) Termination by RDL,  of aspects or all of XCP (n)s, but, also, extending all CATs by
  • XvFS Stage 5: (Based on success of & termination of all XCP(n)s.) As appropriate, otherwise, automatic extension of CATs to all migrations to & population of all Ex0Earth (n)s of exoplanets, subject to new CATs &/or repeals of CATs by 66.66667% of local CAT voters.