Experimental Health Tracking [HT] Systems

Introduction: This Experimental HT Project combines websites and wearable devices to:

  • measure and record characteristics, experiences and activities of Users, ie people, and their associated people, animals, robots and devices some or all times under their control
  • store information measured, experienced and/or
  • be entered by medical doctors, nurses, dentists, technicians  and specialists related to User diagnosis and treatment, including but not limited to past, present and future distribution and administering legitimate drugs
  • make available for intercommunication, to make available and keep up-to-date data on personal, commercial and tax-supported websites
  • including but not limited to multi-way application of inter-collaborated medical diagnosis and treatments.
Please refer to: 1) Social Network, 2) RDL Major Project 16, 3) 17, and eventually 4) 23. All of which shall need expansion to cover the requirements of multi-way Health Tracking on Earth I.

(Multi-way means in two-directions, simultaneously: ie from and to  wearers of wearable devices and among websites, for learning, teaching and practice with collaboration among people to diagnose and treat problems routinely and in prevention of, or dealing with, emergencies.
means "augmented" cameras, spectacles, wrist-watches, iPods, iPads, iPhones, Android telephones and other devices which are wearable or can be kept handy by Users, mostly... or at all times.)

The primary purpose of Health Tracking is to protect designated Users (and their associates) from death and serious injury especially from disability related to accident or disability caused by lack of food, water, communication, diagnosis or treatment.

Other aids of improving User's lifestyle will be considered, within the scope of Heath Tracking.

To be planned and improved by Children and/or Adult Collaborators of Experimental HT:
  • Including but not limited to XHT Mark II