Experimental HT Mark II

Based on including but not limited to [ibnlt] YikeBike, XKBF,  XHALXRHAL & H23WAC

This project is planned to allow users to attach, detach & use (selections of the above) together, w/collaboration, separate & independently; in some events steered by remote control:

  • Several planned versions, inspired by YikeBike, called KYke, specially adapted to be coupled &/or decoupled w/some-or-all of the above products, occasionally, from time to time, &/or more or less regularly.
  • XKBF, ( developed by Experimental Bug, w/retractable-power-wheel-tipped-legs) designed to attach to one or more KYkes &/or used with the other, above-mentioned, products. 
  • XHAL, to protect against disaster,  can be worn &/or used by a human child, teenager or adult. while riding on (or in) any vehicle, walking around, standing or sitting at a desk or using a toilet.
  • XRHAL  are suitably equipped XHAL, which can be worn &/or used by a Robot, independently &/or controlled by a human w/or/w/o wearing another XRHAL.
  • H23WAC (3 Wheeled Air Chairs, designed for road &/or air travel) allowing normal, &/or disabled, users to drive &/or ride on (w/or/w/o also) using the above products: Ibnlt,  w/KYkes  detachable & controllable, drivable &/or ridable on land, not necessarily on roads, independently, 
      1. before takeoff, 
      2. after landing &/or 
      3. descending by parachute.