Experimental homo sapien sapiens [hss] [XHSS]

Addition (by GE): 26th Mar 2013

Research & Development [R&D] of 

  • repairing damaged hss nerves w/in nervous systems +
  • designing & producing (interchangeable) extensions for two-way communication
  • w/in a swarm of HSS & among 
  • swarms of HSS. 

XHSS consists of hss, & Experimental Robots [XR], while located in RDL Major Project 1a [RMP1a] early in the process of adaptation, training & tested to be classified as HSSable to collaborate with other HSS as Space Migrants.

Space Migrants are not only expected to be produced to collaborate to migrate in outer space: But, also to settle, colonize, survive & reproduce on exoplanets, asteroids & moons (such as Titan) & before more detailed planning for extra-solar &/or extra-Milky Way migration.

The original location of RMP1a on Earth I, shall be in Panama Bay, an initial  Utopia, subject to expansion to other Utopia & Mini-Utopia-Villages for emulation (prototypes) to prepare for colonization of other regions onexoplanets, moons etc discovered, explored & established as prospective extra-solar colonization.

Space migrants include appropriate combinations of equaificated hss & versions of Experimental Robots [HR], for a total of 200k HSS/(OSUC "XXXXXHSS)/launch of expeditions: To travel (within up-to several hundred years "course of passage" [COP]), in order to settle on & colonize many Ex0Earth (n)s. Current plans are first to risk a few (or no) original hss in advance: But, later, followed by higher proportions of originally-hss'-lives (pre-equaificated) as HSS, once proven to be better than other options: Before, after &/or while, during interstellar COPs.