Experimental GSDS [XGS2D]

Addition to include RDL Design, construction & sale of putting together GE's 'convertible" bed/cocktail-table/dining-work-table/desk WITH this chair [C2V]:http://www.vitalitywebb.com/backstore/perfect-chair.htm
Two C2Vs for one or two people sharing a small BED/LIVING/DINING/UTILITY room:

  • One each for up-to two people sleeping
  • One wakes up, converts to his/her C2V to dining-table for preparing/serving breakfast
  • The other wakes up, converts his/her C2V to chair (w/serving/work shelf) to eat/drink/chat/read/view: news/tv/email/dictate text/&/or video conference via GSDSbefore/during/after breakfast
  • After breakfast: for dining lunch/dinner/snack; one or both C2Vs are converted to dining-table(s)/work-table(s)/conference-table(s) &/or chairs until
  • converting C2Vs to beds for one (or both) resident(s) for reclining while resting or sleeping.
  • BTW: Details for conversion of C2V shall be designed & included in manufacture, especially to produce and offer for sale including but limited to total cost of $5k/C2V. IE two will sell for $10k, 
  • BTW1: The target of $10k/GSDS, the total cost for furnishing one room would be $20k for two residents.


The various components  of Gavin and Shirl's Distribution System [GSDS]  will also be experimental, and built (probably mostly) in the double garage of the Grants Pass Great House [GPGH], including

  • an eBench/eTable: "day bed/seating bench", a narrow, long table with incorporated wiring and wireless connections for power, keyboard(s), mice, musical instruments, speakers, microphones, computers and Internet connections for equipment on top of and under the table.
  • eSoundPicture: two to four combination speaker/Picture/display screens, including framed picture speakers
  • eMonitor: a wall mounted, fifty inch diagonal (or bigger) screen for TV/Computer/DVD/CD/Camera-Center/Coordination-Computer [MCC] and Internet Connection equipment for all associated equipment, as :
  1. Framed mirror television receiver
  2. incorporating Connections to the Internet
  3. Surround Sound speaker system 
  4. Small home computers. and
  5. http://witricity.com/
This design for the Experimental GSDS shall be as flexible as possible to serve as a prototype for early RDL Major Project 13 designs and a prototype of more advanced versions required or useful for  RDL's More Major Projects.

Under consideration:
In addition to the eMonitor included in this design, which includes a novel MCC computer in the eMonitor, RDL considers networks of eMonitors to support operations in networked GPGHs  (ie similar, associated, but remote locations) to organize, coordinate and control management of other Experimental Projects such as This, That and the  Experimental RGH.)

Up to date (30th July 2011), these
This, That  are in process.